breathe Yoga Kapalbhati

The benefits of breathe Yoga (Kapalbhati Pranayama)

Yoga is not just some exercise it is a science of right living, it works on all aspects of the person, physical, mental, emotional, psychic and spiritual. It is the process of uniting mind, body and soul.

Here are few beneficial points of breathe Yoga (Kapalbhati pranayama) that we will cover in this article.

1 What is breathe Yoga (Kapalbhati pranayama).

2 How to learn Kapalbhati pranayama.

1 How this exercise improve digestion?

2 How it improve respiration, lung capacity and blood circulation?

3 How asthma and bronchitis is cured by breathe Yoga (Kapalbhati pranayama)?

4 How this exercise is beneficial to reduce abdominal fat and weight loss?

5 How breathes Yoga (Kapalbhati Pranayama) helps to cleanse and illuminate the mind and removes negative thoughts?

6 How it helps to dissolve toxins and waste matter?

But first of all we will cover why breathe Yoga (Kapalbhati Pranayama) is important for everyone?

The purpose of writing this post is to share my experience which I have gain in last 6 years in Yoga with attending loads of Swami Ramdev’s  Yoga camp and doing Yoga regularly at home.

I have attended loads of Swami Ramdev’s Yoga camp and he always says that Yoga is not as hard as made by Yoga centers. You don’t need to interrupt your daily life activity due to Yoga but yes need to spare a small piece of time from your valuable life on daily bases.

There are thousands Yoga centers in the world, and all of them are trying to convince you that they are the best right platform for you to learn Yoga. Often they do this by advertising, Facilities, comfort level, food and outing services you do not really need.

Swami Ramdev recommends one of the best Yoga which is the mother of all Yoga exercises and that is breathe Yoga (Kapalbhati pranayama) and this is one solution for maximum diseases under one umbrella.

In Swami Ramdev’s camp I have seen thousands people get benefited from this Pranayama and have reduced their weight from 15 kg to 30 kg with doing this pranayama only for 30 minutes in a day. While reducing weight, neither they have harmful medicine or nor gone for any surgery.

It’s hard to believe that breathe Yoga (Kapalbhati prayanama) is so effective for weight loss but yes here are few comments that I have collected from Swami Ramdev’s YouTube  video comments section, who get benefited from breathe Yoga (Kapalbhati pranayama).

Neera Kori  Says “ I lost 5kg in 70days. No dieting no starving”

Manoj Singh Says “daily losing weight with this pranayama…5kg gone in 10 days…did only for 15 minutes a day…very effective…”

Eric Says “Baba ji God bless you. It’s very amazing. I have been doing now since 2 months 10 to 15 minutes daily. I reduced my weight around 8 kg. Feeling more energetic. Thanks a lot baba ji 😊”

Vikas Upadhayay  “I have reduced my 40 Kg weight  with doing Kapalbhati Pranayam”


Breath Yoga (Kapalbhati) is best pranayam to get rid of diabetes, weight, allergy, asthma, sinusitis, snoring, and cholesterol problem.

Breath Yoga improves concentration power of children and it is beneficial for kids who are poor in studies.

This will eliminate all impurities from your body and will balance your body. Your body will start functioning, your face will glow, your mid will be happy and delightful.

There will be glow and light in your life. You will live a happy life.

Breath Yoga (Kapalbhati pranayama) is must for everyone. It is also necessary for person suffering from AIDS, cancer or any other dangerous disease.

Swami Ramdev has experimented this program on more than 1 million people and found that there is no other medicine which is better than Breath Yoga (Kapalbhati pranayam) even Yogic scholars have mentioned about this pranayama in old Vedic books which are 5000 years old.

Swami Ramdev Says that You can miss your breakfast or lunch but never skip this pranayama. Do this pranayama for at least 5 minutes. Breathe Yoga (Kapalbhati pranayama) should be your priority and make a resolution that you will not have breakfast, lunch or dinner unless you perform Kapalbhati pranayama. By doing this you won’t be infected by any diseases. You will save thousands $ .

By doing breath Yoga daily, you will live a healthy life; your body will become temple in which God resides and you will start knowing yourself and will find God inside your body.

Swami Ramdev says that women with any uterus problems will be solved, uterus will get dissolves, and even cancer lumps are dissolved sometimes. One man, who had cancer lumps in his neck, reduced his lumps by 1/4th after doing this pranayama for 30 days Breathe yoga is phenomenon.

It will removes impurities, toxins, oxidants, diseases from your body and you will become sacred, divine wonderful and happy person after doing breathe Yoga (Kapalbhati pranayama).

How I started doing breathe Yoga (Kapalbhati)?

Six  years back, I had started learning yoga from Swami Ramdev’s camp and in span of 6 years time I am doing regular yoga and researching on Yoga asanas.

I am working in a private sector 9 to 5 job like millions. Daily stress and workload made my life curse. In all day sitting job, I started feeling back pain, my cholesterol level increased and my blood presser started fluctuating. Indigestion and body ache made my life tough. My weight increased and energy level was going down.

It was miracle that in a six month of span after joining Yoga, I felt relief in all problems and rectified all abnormalities. Today while I am writing this post, I have spent six years to learning and doing Yoga.

In these six years, I have observed and discovered that why maximum people can’t adopt Yoga in a regular life?

The reality behind this question is that people take Yoga as an occasionally part of life because Yoga teachers and Yoga studios have made overwhelmed the things.

I have seen loads of Yoga starches where professionals have post their best photos with molding their body in a multiple way. It’s true that Yoga makes body flexible but another truth is also that Yoga does not make so flexible that people shows their tricks on internet, what about for them who are fighting for their weight loss or who are fighting for stress and tension, May be everyone cannot mold their body part in so flexible way as the professionals show to shell their services.

Many Yoga studios keep the youngsters in the form of Yoga teachers, because their body is flexible in turning but reality is far away then that.

The common man who gets up over 40 years, his/her body cannot be twisted easily because his/her body becomes stiff. The body of ordinary people is not so flexible like Yoga teachers, nor they  can turn around like them, so people leave Yoga to get frustrated.

Hardly this kind of population is very less, who can bend their body as they like it, but this article is for those who never tried for Yoga or always run away assuming that Yoga is tough for them. No doubt Yoga is spread with a super sonic speed in the world but mostly people made it for showcasing of their life instead of incorporating in the life.


Who is perfect teacher for breathe Yoga (Kapalbhati Pranayama) ?

One of Indian Guru Swami Ramdev is perfect teacher for Yoga. He always teaches Yoga in free and never takes fee to give beneficial tips in Yoga. But learning Yoga is not as hard as performing it on everyday.  But it is true that sparing one hour time for Yoga is very difficult in so busy life and this is one and real reason that people can’t perform Yoga on everyday. Here is solution for this problem and that is breathe Yoga (Kapalbhati pranayama) which is as effective as doing all asanas if we perform it only for 10 or 15 minutes every day. There is no rocket science behind it to learn this exercise, very easy, take some precautions and you are ready to go.

Breathe Yoga is really great for you for weight lose, flexibility and more but did you know that there are tons of additional health benefits of breathe Yoga. The truth is that breathe Yoga has many benefits that make it worth giving

By doing breathe Yoga you will eliminate harmful waste from your body system. After doing this your body will start to use food as fuel effectively and will absorb nutrients better, your body will start releasing proper balance of hormones which helps to rectifying body functions.


Why Swami Ramdev suggest for Breathe Yoga (Kapalbhati Pranayama) ?

Swami Ramdev ji says that doing external or physical Yoga is not enough, but benefit that happens through breath Yoga (Kapalbhati pranayama) is hardly any asana.

Most people were upset with obesity after the age of 40 Years. Back pain, the problem of acne arthritis increases daily.  Joint pain, knee pain, lever problem, BP problem, sugar problem and digestion power becomes weak. Excitement and happiness of life for a sick person does not matter.

Breath Yoga (Kapalbhati pranayama) Oxygenates the body and it helps developing strong and healthy breathing system. It stimulates the internal organs and burns excess fat from the body same way increases immunity. It improves blood circulation and cures skin diseases and makes the skin shine with health


How this breathe Yoga (Kapalbhati Pranayama) is effective in fixing maximum diseases?

There is nothing worse than if you are not concentrating towards your daily work or relationship, These symptoms are that our life is indulge in stress then it  might be time to learn that how to reduce stress from our life.

Happiness doesn’t come only from financial success or any external thing if they did, rich people never be sad or unhappy. Swami Ramdev says that happiness comes from our own internal soul; if we are physically and internally strong then happiness automatically doubles in our life.

If you want to make yourself super healthy, brighter and blissful, your are on the right platform to learn something about it.

As I have already discussed about breathe Yoga (Kapalbhati pranayama). It is the one and single exercise which can help to eliminate all kind of deficiencies.

Yoga creates mind body connection which is good for soul.

Swami Ramdev always says about breathe Yoga (Kapalbhati Pranayam) that it reduces the creatinine level in the body and continuous practice of it removes the stone from kidney or anywhere in the body. If there clot anywhere in the body or the circulation of blood is affected, it helps to cure that. By doing this the bones become strong and it recovers the deficiency of blood or deficiency of any kinds of nutrition, micronutrients, iron, protein, vitamins, vitamin B-12 etc. There is no physical imbalance of any kind and cholesterol is reduces.

The continuous practice of this breathe Yoga (Kapalbhati pranayama) can make our body healthy and if the bad things which have increased in our body decreases and whatever the necessary things have decreased in our body will increase. If there is any kind of mental or physical imbalance, then it gets cured.

Swami Ramdev always says that obesity can be reduced by regular practice of this breathe Yoga (Kapalbhati Pranayama). It is beneficial in all kind of diseases such as gas, constipation, acidity, colitis, piles, fistula, stone, arthritis, remittance, gouts, osteopenia, osteoporosis, and any kind of bone diseases. This exercise fixes whole body’s metabolism.

A person who wants to lose weight, wants healthy stomach, get rid of constipation, gastric, acidity, cirrhosis of liver, hepatitis B problems, should perform this pranayama everyday for 5-10 minutes.

Kapalbhati pranayam eliminates prostate problems, dissolves lumps in uterus.

Kapalbhati is just like the sanjeevani (megical plant ) of the earth. A person who wants to be healthy and get rid of any health problem should perform this pranayama


The right way of doing breathe Yoga (Kapalbhati Pranayama)

In kapalbhati pranayam we have to just exhale the air through the nose.

When we exhale air, stomach goes in automatically. You only have to exhale air with full force. You should only think of throwing air out from your nose, this is called Kapalbhati.

Stop the process whenever you get tired do it for 30 times in start. You will get tired after doing it for 30 times, then take a rest after taking rest start the pranayama again.

Kapal means forehead and bhati means deep (light, glow and shine, brilliant)

This pranayama makes your face glow and shine. You won’t need any cosmetic products in future.

Kapalbhati pranayama activates your muladhara chakra and kundalini shakti which will make you a strong person.

While performing this pranayama think that you are throwing out diseases, deficiencies, impurities and problems of your body. While performing this pranayama just think that you are throwing out all toxins and oxidants from your body. When toxins and oxidants are eliminated from the body, diseases and deficiencies gets eliminated from the body.

Just think that negative energies, diseases and impurities are coming out from your body.

Think those impurities in conscious, unconscious and subconscious mind are coming out. Stop only when you get tired, don’t overuse your power for this pranayama.

Exhale from your nose, take your stomach in. Do not inhale an exhale, you just have to exhale and throw air out from your nose, air will automatically come inside after exhalation.

Weak person and person who have heart and high blood pressure problems should not do this pranayama with high speed, intensity and force. Do it slowly and stop whenever you get tired.

If you want to lose weight, do this pranayama for 5-10 minutes. During start to do it for 1 minute, 2 minutes, 3 minutes, 4 minutes or 5 minutes.

The maximum time limit is 10 minutes for this pranayama for beginners. Minimum time to perform this pranayama is 5 minutes and maximum time to perform this pranayama is 10 minutes.

While performing this pranayama just concentrate and meditate in muladhara chakra than your kundalini shakti in your sacrum will get activated which will emit light and energy will pass through your spine and will activate other chakras of the body.


Who is Swami Ramdev?

Who doesn’t know Swami Ramdev, who gave new identity to thousands of year Yoga method? Apart from India, he has contributed immensely to bring Yoga door to door to many countries. Swami Ramdev’s identity is also like a business tycoon in today’s time. Because of Ayurvedic products made by his company have become famous all over the world.

Swami Ramdev
Swami Ramdev

Swami Ramdev ji is a well-known Yoga Guru in India; he has prepared a research paper on breathe Yoga  (Kapalbhati Pranayam) covering 2000 people.

Whom should do breathe Yoga (Kapalbhati Pranayama) ?

This breath Yoga is for everyone, even children also can do this to increase concentration power. If you are young you can do Kapalbhati three times in one second or you can do it at full speed. Diabetic, liver problem, uterus, heart problem, lungs problem, thyroid and low hemoglobin cured by doing Kapalbhati. Apart from this, by doing Kapalbhati, if you eat less than your body gets the essential ingredients from that food.

Swami Ramdev says that cancer treatment is possible by doing Kapalbhati Yoga pranayam. The females who are diagnosed uterus fibroids ovarian cysts, polycystic, Ovaries or Philippians tube is closed or egg is not formed, menstruation does not come regularly or excessive menstruation. Swamy Ramdev has researched all these disorders and has found that by doing Kapalbhati, not only these diseases but all kinds of diseases are cured.

This breathe Yoga (Kapalbhati Pranayam) is not only important for treatments of diseases, but also for the spiritual awakening in life. It is very important for both man and women for sexual diseases.

Can people perform breathe Yoga (Kapalbhati Pranayam) who are suffering from hypertension and heart diseases?

Swami Ramdev admits that some people have spread the misconceptions about Yoga that the person who is suffering from hypertension and anxiety should not go for breathe Yoga (Kapalbhati Pranayama). It is absolutely wrong; the person who is suffering with hypertension should do kapalbhati slowly, which will not harm him. Even performing Kapalbhati once in one second will help to rectify the hypertension of a person; will reduce the blockage and bad cholesterol in the body with balancing the body weight.

How much time should devote for breathe Yoga(Kapalbhati Pranayama) in a specific disease?

Swami Ramdev always guide that this breathe Yoga (Kapalbhati pranayama) should be given five minutes in normal diseases. One minute break after 5 minutes in beginning. There should be three rounds in normal diseases and six rounds in incurable diseases. After a few days of continuous practice, you can continue to patronize for 10 to 15 minutes without pausing.

This breathe Yoga ( Kapalbhati pranayama) creates a wonderful aura around the body and a spiritual light is born.

Why people make excuses for doing Yoga?

When it comes to Yoga, people make some excuses that they are very busy in the office from morning to evening or are very busy at home. We always make excuses about office stress, home stress, bosses stress, achievements stress and whatever we have to do and the burden of those tasks is on our heads but in such shortage of timing, how can we do Yoga? The solutions for all these excuses is breathe Yoga (Kapalbhati pranayama). This exercise will take only 10 to 15 minutes in the morning and doesn’t hard to learn for beginners. Anyone can perform Kapalbhati pranayama perfectly with small learning.

Benefits of breathe Yoga (Kapalbhati pranayama).

  • This breathe, Yoga dissolves toxins and other waste matter by generating heat in the body.
  • By doing it we can improve functioning of liver and kidneys.
  • Kapalbhati pranayam gives relief from stress.
  • This pranayama helps to improve digestion and enhances blood circulation in the body.
  • Weight loss is possible with this breathe Yoga because it increases metabolic rate.
  • It is helpful for diabetic patients because it simulates the abdominal organs.
  • This breathe Yoga energizes our nerves and rejuvenate our brain
  • Kapalbhati uplifts our mind and strengthen our internal power.
  • It makes us clutter-free and balances our life with increasing sensibility.
  • This breathe, Yoga helps to fixing gas and acidity related problems.
  • It increases lungs capacity and helps to strengthens them.
  • Your face will start glowing if you do the regular practice of this exercise.
  • Memory and concentrations power automatically improves with this exercise.




  • Heart patients should perform this breathe exercise slowly
  • It should be practice in the morning with empty stomach.
  • Extra precautions is required by ulcer patients while doing this breathe Yoga

Hypertention, Hart problem, hernia, backache and weakness do the slowly 1 second 1 strock