5 Yoga Steps for Sick Recovery

Hey there, welcome to this easy yoga practice that’s here to help you to recover from sickness. We’ve put together this practice to give your body a little extra love when you’re recovering from being sickness.

We get it, getting back to your best after an illness can be tough and frustrating. That’s why this practice is all about being kind to your body, taking some nice, easy breaths, and moving gently to help you relax.

Getting Started

Before we begin, let’s make sure you’re all set for a comfy practice. Grab some cozy blankets and pillows if you have them. Put on your most comfortable clothes, and we’re ready to roll.

Breathing for Relaxation

Find a comfy sitting position or lie down if you prefer.

Close your eyes and just pay attention to your breath. It’s perfectly fine if you’re dealing with a cough or congestion; you can adjust your position as needed.

Take this time to be gentle with your breath. Breathe in slowly, and then let it out gently.

If you’re feeling stuffy, you can use something like Vick’s Vapor Rub on your chest or nose for extra comfort.

Loving Movements

Let’s start with a gentle seated twist.

From your seated position, put your left hand on the floor and open up your chest, reaching your right arm diagonally upward.

Breathe in as you open your chest, and breathe out as you stretch your side.

Give yourself a little hug as you wrap your right arm around to your left side. Inhale to make some space, and exhale as you gently twist.

Keep taking nice, deep breaths as you enjoy this stretch.

Slowly come back to the center, and then do the same thing on the other side.

Stretching and Letting Go

Lie on your back and bring your knees in towards your chest.

Enjoy that lovely stretch in your lower back as you give your knees a gentle hug.

If you want to, you can sway gently from side to side to give your back a mini-massage.

Find a comfy spot and take a moment to appreciate how you’re feeling.

Easing Your Hips and Shoulders

Lower your feet to the ground.

Cross your right ankle over your left thigh.

Interlace your fingers behind your left thigh to give it a little hug.

Move gently from side to side, or carefully squeeze your legs closer to your chest.

Change things up if it feels good.

Let your shoulders and neck relax, and see how you’re doing.

A Relaxing Twist

Stay on your back and keep your right leg crossed over your left.

Cross your legs like you’re sitting at a desk.

Slide your hips to the left, and let your knees fall to the right.

Open up your left shoulder and maybe turn your head to the left.

Just be comfy, and keep those deep breaths going.

Gently come back to the center.

Repeat the Twist on the Other Side

Cross your left ankle over the right.

Change things up if you like.

Let your hips go to the right, and your knees to the left.

Open up your right shoulder and consider turning your head to the right.

Breathe and soak in the good feelings.

Slowly come back to the center.

Gentle Leg Movements

Lift one leg, and then the other.

If you’re comfortable, lift both legs up toward the sky, like a waterfall.

Enjoy the moment and find stillness.

Lower your feet gently to the ground.

Super Comfy Butterfly Pose

Bring the soles of your feet together with your knees wide apart.

Inhale deeply, and as you exhale, let go of any tension.

Get cozy in this pose and keep breathing.

Use your hands to help your knees come in closer if you like.

Breathing in a Comfortable Seat

Sit up and focus on your breath.

Close your eyes, take a nice deep breath in, and then let it out.

As you breathe out, relax your chest and shoulders.

Ultimate Relaxation (Shavasana)

Lie down comfortably, and cover up with a blanket if you have one.

Close your eyes, and let your body feel heavy and relaxed.

Let go, and if any sounds or emotions pop up, that’s okay.

Breathe gently and lovingly with your mouth slightly open.

Enjoy the peace and quiet.

Wrapping It Up

As you work through this gentle yoga routine for recovery, remember to be gentle with your body, be patient with yourself, and let the natural healing process take its course. Your body knows what to do, so trust it and give it the care it needs. Remember, recovery takes time, and that’s absolutely fine. Drink some water, and relax for as long as you like during Shavasana.

Sending you lots of love and positive energy for your journey back to feeling your best. Take care, and remember we’re here for you.

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