Yoga for gastric

5 Yoga for Gastric that will make Your Digestion Strong


We all know that yoga is the only power that can overcome any deficiency of the body. Today more than half of the world is troubled by stomach gas. When the problem of gastric increases in the body, then our whole day gets spoiled but yoga for gastric is a simple solution that you can start it at home.

How to Start Yoga for Gastric?

There are so many yoga poses for gastric but how to start and where to start, is a big question for beginners. But don’t worry, keep reading this post you will find a lot of beneficial points such as Yoga poses for gastric, detailed information on stomach gas, other helpful items to make our body gastric free.

Yoga for gastric

Why People believe on Yoga?

Yoga is one single key solution for maximum problems in the body whether it is gastric problem, sciatica pain or spinal stenosis problem, or any other like Blood Pressure or asthma, etc.

Why maximum yoga gurus are so much confident that they can cure any old disease with yoga because it can be possible with regular practice of yoga and pranayama.

Before we jump directly into yoga for gastric, let us understand the abdomen system how gas generates in the abdomen?

Yoga for Gastric Problems

Hop, you are ready to learn yoga for gastric. These are very simple poses that are easy to perform at home without joining any Yoga center. You don’t need any yoga teacher to perform these poses. We tried to explain everything about these yoga asanas. These are 3 in the pranayama category and two are in the yoga asana category. You just need to spread your yoga to a peaceful place and start doing these asanas. Definitely, you will get relief from these poses.

If still you are not comfortable to start these poses and want to learn yoga as a beginner. Here is the best yoga starting guide for beginners. We are very happy to help people in starting yoga or selecting nice yoga mats or yoga pants.

Here is list of Yoga for gastric.


Kapalbhati pranayama is one of the best breathing exercises that are most effective for the excessive gas problem in the stomach or chest. 

This Pranayama helps to throughout impurities from the body make the body relaxed and active.

In Kapalbhati, we exhale in such a way that our stomach goes inside and all kinds of gas or toxins tried to be pushed out. It is a technique that helps to flushes out gas and toxic air from the body.

Steps of Performing Kapalbhati

The Origin of Yoga
The Origin of Yoga

Sit on your yoga mat in Gayanmudra, (sitting in crossed legs), touch your ring finger and thumb with each other, put your both hands on your knees. Make sure your back and neck should be straight.

Just start exhaling with full force through your nose and when exhaling, the stomach should go inside.

Kapalbhati rounds limit for person to person is different. If the practitioner is young and fit, can perform 3 rounds in one second. The person who is not comfortable in starting can perform 2 rounds in one second.

If a person is suffering from BP or heart problems then start kapalbhati in slow, one round in one second, do not increase speed until and unless you are not comfortable.

Repeat the rounds 30 times in starting.

Anulom Vilom Pranayama

This deep breathing exercise is very useful for gastric problems. Though simple practice, yet it is very helpful in to make abdomen strong and it helps to improve the digestion system in a strong way.

It strengthens all the respiratory organs which are quite instrumental in further advancement of the practice of Pranayama.

How to perform Anulom – Vilom Pranayama?


Sit in Padmasana or any other meditation. Place both of the hands on the knees in Gyan Mudra pose, with the neck and spine absolutely straight. Keep the eyes gently closed. 

Draw in a deep breath. Breathe like this five times and give rest to the breathing for a while.

Now resting the first two fingers on the root of the thumb press the tip of the right thumb gently on the right nostril.

Start drawing in a deep breath through the left nostril. Pressing the left nostril gently with the ring finger expels the breath through the right nostril slowly.

Thereafter inhale slowly through the right nostril and exhale slowly through the left nostril. This constitutes one round. Repeat 15 such rounds.

Give rest to the breathing process after every fifth round. While resting, place the right hand on the right knee in Gyan Mudra pose. Continue the practice of this Pranayama for one week.

 Pawanmuktasana (Wind Releasing Posture)? A Yoga for Gastric

Pawan means ‘wind’ and Mukti means ‘release’ or removal in Sanskrit. One part of ‘Pran’ is known as ‘Apan’ which has a downward movement.

By practicing this asana the wind (the gas in the abdomen) passes out easily. Hence, this asana is called Pawanmuktasana.

Pawanmuktasana is best asan for gastric problems.


In this asana, the colon is pressed so effectively that the entire foul gas is expelled by means of the compression of the abdomen. In case the foul gas is not expelled, it will cause flatulence (distension of the stomach or bowels with gas).

In this asana, the colon is pressed so effectively that the entire foul gas is expelled by means of the compression of the abdomen. In case the foul gas is not expelled, it will cause flatulence (distension of the stomach or bowels with gas).

If the gas moves upward, it will harm the heart and if it moves still upward, it is bound to cause headache. Hence, this asana is important and useful.

How Pawanmuktasana(The Wind Releasing Pose) Works?

  • There are three types of affects while pressing the knee on the abdomen. Pressing the right knee on the abdomen affects the ascending colon.
  • While pressing the left knee on the abdomen, the descending colon and sigmoid colon are affected and when we press both knees on the abdomen, the navel region and transverse colon are affected.
  • When the foul gas is expelled, one gets rid of uneasiness. The abdomen feels a sense of relief and disorders of the head and lungs are alleviated.
  • It prevents the tendency to excess fats on the abdomen.
  • This exercise is helpful in curing the pain in the joints and female diseases.
  • Productive organs are strengthened and nocturnal emissions stopped.
  • With the pressing of the right knee on the abdomen and that the left leg on the stomach, both the liver and spleen are affected respectively.

While exhaling, we raise our head and bring our nose in between the two knees & the lungs are pressed inside, it adds to their functional capacity and that of the mind-nauli.

How to Perform Pawanmuktasana(Wind Releasing Pose)

Before starting this asana you should have a good quality yoga mat, if not purchase yet, I recommend “Manduka Pro Yoga Mat” without any hesitation.

Lay down on the back and straighten the legs. Put together the heels and toes of both feet and stretch them forward. Stretch the arms on respective sides with palms turned down. Fold the right leg from the knee.


Interlock the fingers of both hands and place them on the right knee and press it on the abdomen and exhale. Stay in this position of a few moments.

Lift the head and try to touch the nose with the bent knee.

Inhale and bring the head back in the normal position. Straight the right leg and relax the body. Now repeat the process with both legs.


Second process of wind releasing pose is, fold the both knees, interlock the fingers of both hands and hold the both knees.

Press both knees inside till the chest with exhaling. Now lift the head and try to touch both knees with your nose.

Leave the both knees and straight the both legs with inhaling. Take rest for a while in shavasana and then repeat the process at least 5 to 6 times.

Best Practice for Pawanmuktasana (Wind releasing)

The important point to be kept in mind here is that the toes should be kept stretched forward. Secondly do not forget to exhale when the nose is brought in touch with the bent knees.

Moreover, the leg and the knee of the foot that remains stretched shouldn’t be loosened in any case. When both the knees are placed on the chest with pressing inside, the nose should be placed in between the knees with lifting the head. Finally, squeeze the body to the maximum.

Mandookasana (Wind releasing)a Yoga for Gastric

Mandookasana is known as yoga for trapped gas. The posture of the body in this asana is like a frog. That is why this asana is called mandookasana.

Obesity and gas related problems are removed by doing this asana. This asana helps to release gas from the abdomen and helps to get relief in gas pain. This is a multi-beneficial Yoga pose, which helps to cure other diseases also. Here is a list of benefits.

  • Due to the activation of the pancreas gland, this asana is beneficial for diabetic patients.
  • Strengthening of kidneys leads to the removal of urinary diseases.
  • Navel disorders are set right due to pressure on the navel region.
  • Liver disorders are corrected.
  • Effective on adrenal glands improves emotional feelings.
  • Internal disorders are set right.

How to Perform Mandook Asana?

Sit in Vajrasana. Vajrasana is  a mudra to release gas. 

Stretch out the legs fully in front and keep them close together. Fold back the knees simultaneously. Sit on them with ease.

Bring the knees and toes close to each other, keeping thumbs inside, place both the fists on the navel in such a manner that the roots of thumbs remain towards the navel.



Exhale maximum, keeping the chin ahead, bend forward the maximum. Keep the neck upward in the final posture. After normalizing the breath, stay as per capacity. Inhaling comes back slowly

Making a cup of the left palm, keep it on the navel and place the right palm on it. Exhaling the maximum, bend forward, keeping the chin ahead.

Keep the neck upwards in the final posture. After normalizing the breath, stay as per capacity.

What is Abdomen Gas?

Abdomen gas is a common problem for everyone these days and everyone is looking to be answered this question “how to get rid of the gastric problem?” Here in this post, you will find symptoms, causes, and best natural solutions for gastric problems.

If you have not started yoga yet, here are Yoga Moves For Beginners

Before starting your favorite Yoga at home, you should have a perfect yoga mat. If you are willing to purchase it then read this post “5 Best Yoga Mats 2020: Unbiased Review Guide” OR if you don’t have time to read reviews we recommend you to purchase “Manduka Pro Yoga Mat” without any hassle.

Abdomen Gas Data Analysis

A huge number of North Americans endure every season from a bloating stomach and other digestive illnesses. Whenever you are one of these folks, do not really feel alone.

Regardless, the difficulty is that as per national statistics, 75% of individuals currently are suffering from this problem. But don’t be afraid.

Dr’s Opinion for Abdomen Gas

Dr’s. says that stomach gas is not a serious problem as it looks like. But there may be a small percentage of patients that suffer from the serious abdomen gas issue.

But this problem is increasing day by day due to our lifestyle or eating habits, You can keep away yourself from medicines only if you adopt pranayama and yoga for gastric.

Good habits are always useful to improve our lifestyle. Early sleeping and early wake up are one of them.

What Experts says about Gas in Stomach ?

The expert’s opinion is that gas is a natural byproduct of the digestion process for humans and animals. Everyone individual may produce one to three pints gas per day.

Sometimes our abdomen generates excessive gas and it stuck in our body and starts upsetting our normal life, body, and our mood.

Symptoms of Gastric

There may be lot of symptoms of abdominal gas, but here is a list of common symptoms.

  • Pressure feeling in abdomen
  • A pain movement in the stomach
  • A wind movement in the bowel
  • Burping
  • Flatulence
  • Nausea
  • Abdominal bloating
  • Sharp pain in the abdomen
  • Stomach tightness
  • Uncomfortable intestines.

How many Times one should Release Gas in a Day ?

A study says that a normal person releases gas 13 to 15 times in a day. Sometimes gas may cause severe pain in our chest or abdomen and distracts our routine life. Here on the page, you will find the best yoga for gastric, but before we run behind the solutions let us understand the problem’s reasons.

Common Reasons of Generating Excessive Gas in Stomach

There may be common reasons that produce excessive gas and these reasons may be different for person to person. Here we will explain multiple reasons for generating trapped gas and also explain how breathing exercise helps to cure this problem. First, let’s find the reasons.

Indigestion may be a Cause of Abdomen Gas

Many people are struck with severe indigestion when they eat meals too late in the evening or when they eat too much. Eating too fast can also cause gas problems. When the stomach is overfilled, the gastric acids can be pushed into the esophagus.

What Should be eating Habits to avoid Gastric Problems ?

It can last for hours while the stomach deals with the food that needs to be digested. You invite severe indigestion pain if you frequently eat too much. Also forcing yourself to eat when you are not hungry or are already full can lead to bouts of indigestion.

Certain foods can trigger severe indigestion for many people. If you have a sensitivity to acidic foods such as tomatoes and citrus. Spicy or deep-fried foods can be the trigger as well.

Simple indigestion problem or any big disease symptom

Severe indigestion can be a sign of more serious digestive problems. Severe indigestion can be caused by stomach ulcers. This is often accompanied by pain in the stomach caused by the open sores. Gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD) is a condition where food or fluid moves up from the stomach into the esophagus.

This irritates the food tube and can cause difficulty in swallowing and heartburn. Acid reflux is similar to GERD. The difference is that gastric acids are pushed up instead of food. The acid can eat away at the lining of the esophagus. All of these can contribute to severe acid indigestion. You should consult with your Doctor.

Indigestion due to Diary Products

Some people may not suitable dairy products and taking excessive dairy products like milk, butter, cheese, or buttermilk. These products may produce more gas in the abdomen.

There may be several reasons for producing excessive gas but as already mentioned that these may vary person to person and a self person is the first Dr. of his body, he should observe that what food is suitable for his body and what is not.

Foods to Avoid and get Rid of Trapped Gas

  • Eating fewer carbohydrate products.
  • Quitting drinking beer.
  • Less use of dairy products.
  • Less use of garlic and onions.
  • Quit chew gum.
  • Chewing food at slow speed, and chew a bite at least 30 times.
  • Avoid heavy or fried foods

Simple steps to Avoid Gastric Problems

1  The Science of Meal Mixing to Avoid Abdominal Gas

The very good news is that there is really a procedure to get rid of trapped gas. It can be the scientific discipline of food pairing and yoga exercises.

By mastering how to put together foods the right manner and a few yoga for gastric may stop feeling the pain and almost all ailments will vanish entirely inside an all-natural and immediate manner.

Any time you are suffering from a bloating stomach, you may possibly contemplate understanding about meal mixing.

Meal mixing teaches anyone the way to put together foods so that the body might process the meal you eat more rapidly and more efficiently.

As you begin pairing foods the ideal manner, you will probably really feel plenty a great deal more vitality considering that the entire body may not need as much energy to absorb the meal.

You could then employ that extra energy with your family or good friends. Furthermore, the meal may not get the possibility to get purified considering that it will not expend that much time in the body.

2  Improvement with Digestion System

As already discussed; the major contribution of generating gas is our digestion system because the main process of the digestive system is the conversion of food into juices and the distribution of those juices into our body.

When our digestion system becomes weak, it starts generating excessive gas, the food we intake. Moreover our lifestyle and food quality contribute a lot to handhold our digestive systems. A few yoga for gastric will help to improve the digestive system.

Final Words

These simple yoga for gastric are effective ways and definitely will help in controlling the stomach gas. Yoga guru Swami Ramdev says that “Yoga is a natural treatment for most diseases in our body if we incorporate it properly in our life.”

Lifestyle changes to taking medications. Triggering foods should be removed from the diet. This can include tomatoes, peppers, milk, and citrus. Coffee, tea, alcohol, and carbonated drinks should no longer be ingested.

Smoking is a leading contributor to severe acid indigestion and should be eliminated. Stress and anxiety need to be reduced.

Though stomach gas is a normal problem for most people if there are some serious conditions, please consult with your Dr. before implementing these suggestions.