yoga for eyes to remove glasses

Yoga for Eyes to Remove Glasses Ramdev in 2022


Friends, if you are searching for Yoga for Eyes to Remove Glasses then you are in the right place.

Today, in this article, these two Yoga for eyes and Three Exercise for Eyes will prove to be very beneficial for your eyes.

These two poses, Sirsasana or Sarvangasana are the best poses for eye diseases.

Eye disease is increasing very fast and cannot be bound by the borders of any country.

Now, these diseases are increasing by equal quantity among the children of every country, in youth and in the elderly.

If you want to get rid of permanent eye disease and get rid of permanent eyeglasses, then start yoga today.

Different Eye Diseases

Eye diseases can be anything in which there can be close or distant eyeglasses or can also be cataracts or glaucoma.

The allergies in the eyes can also be a problem, which is very difficult to get rid of permanent, but there is a power in yoga that you can get permanent relief from such terrible diseases of the eyes.

Many home exercises can also be done to keep the eyes healthy, such as waking up in the morning and filling the water in the mouth, and splashing the fresh water on the eyes. This exercise will keep your eyes fresh and will also save them from pollution.

Here are three eye exercises and two yoga for eyes to remove glasses.

Eye Ball Rotation Left to Right.

Eyeball rotation is a good exercise. Wake up in the morning and sit down in Lotus Pose. Keep your back and head straight. Spread both your arms towards the front and stick both hands. Keep both the thumbs adjacent to each other and keep it up. Now focus your two eyes on the thumbs of both your hands.

yoga for eyes to remove glasses

Now before both eyeballs, focus on both thumbs and then move both the eyeballs to the left and then middle, and then the right side. Stop both eyeballs at three points, first on the left side and then in the middle, and then on the right side. Thus do this process 15 to 20 times. And then close both eyes for a few seconds.

Eye Ball Rotation Up and Down.

There is not much difference between left-right eyeball rotation and up-down eyeball rotation. The perfect time to perform this exercise is also in the morning. Sit down in the lotus pose in the morning, and keep erect back and head. Spread both arms forward in front of your face. Attach both the palms to each other and keep both thumbs upside.

yoga for eyes to remove glasses

Focus on both thumbs first with your both eyeballs. Then direct rotate both eyeballs upside without moving your face. Try to see your eyelid while looking to the upside. Then return your eyeballs to the original position in the middle.

Again rotate the eyeball the down and try to look on the floor. This is a three-step exercise, first, rotate the eyeballs in the bottom, then return the eyeballs in the middle, and then rotate them on the upside.  Keep doing this process for the next 2 to 3 minutes. Then close both eyes for 10 seconds.

Eyeball Rotation Clockwise and Anticlockwise

This is the third exercise for the eyes. This exercise is also proffered in the morning time. Wake up in the morning and sit in the lotus pose. Keep both hands on your knees. Then start rotating your eyes balls clockwise.

yoga for eyes to remove glasses

Rotate at least 15 to 20 times clockwise and then rotate eyeballs anticlockwise at least in the same numbers. This exercise will help to strengthen your eyes.

Yoga for Eyes to Remove Glasses

Yoga experts suggest these two yoga poses for eye diseases. These two yoga poses definitely help you to protect your eyes from pollution. But don’t start these poses directly without knowing the exact process to perform them. Doing the wrong practice of yoga can be harmful to you.

Have you heard about yoga guru Swami Ramdev? Yes, he is a perfect yoga guru in India and he is very famous on television. There are millions of followers of Swami Ramdev in India and in other countries. He perfectly explains about Kapalbhati and Anulom Vilom pranayama. If you are interested to learn Kapalbhati then you can read our post “How to do Kapalbhati and Its benefits”.

This two yoga for eyes to remove glasses has been suggested by famous yoga guru Swami Ramdev.

  1. Head Stand – Sirsasana
  2. Shoulder Stand – Sarvangasana

Head Stand – Sirsasana

You may know about headstand, if not aware of this pose, then don’t worry, here I will explain everything about this pose.

First of all, be careful! Everyone can not do this pose because it may be harmful to old aged and BP patients.

But don’t worry, the people of this category can do a shoulder stand, there is no risk in this pose.

Now!! Here is the process of Sirsasana (Head Stand). As it is self-explanatory, you should stand on your head instead of your legs.

How you will start this pose…… If you are a beginner, here is an easy process.

First of all, take a well-padded yoga mat, and lay it near a wall.

Headstand Pose Process (Sirsasana)

It will be easy to pose a headstand with the wall. Because when any person does this asana initially, he cannot handle the balance of his body.

Keep the face towards the wall and sit on your knees.

While sitting, keep a short distance between the wall and you so that when you bend forward, your head should not hit the wall.

yoga for eyes to remove glasses

Now bent down sitting on your knees, bend forward, implicate the fingers of both hands in each other, and place both hands on the met near the wall. Both palms should be upwards.

Now keep your head in the middle of both palms and try to raise both knees and raise your body upwards. When half of your body is adjacent to the wall, spread both the legs upwards and try to straighten both knees.

Thus, this pose is not done properly the first time. Try to do it again and again and slowly you will be an expert in doing this pose.

At your convenience, try to stand upside down in this pose. If there is any kind of trouble, then come back in the original poses.

Gradually your headstand time will increase and you will be able to pose it for a long time.

This pose is very beneficial for the eyes as well as other parts of the body. This pose relieves many types of diseases from the body.

Shoulder Stand – Sarvangasana

Now! It is time for those who cannot perform the headstand poses (Shirshana). Obviously old aged people and PB patients should not perform headstand poses because it may be harmful to those people. Because blood circulation flows from legs to head, and blood circulation speed increases.

These kinds of people can perform a Shoulder stand, it will also bring the same result as a headstand.

The shoulder stand pose is as simple as it is self-explanatory. You should stand on your shoulder while performing this pose.

Now, here is a process.

Shoulder Stand Pose Process (Sarvangasana)

First of all, take a good-quality yoga mat. Lie down straight on your yoga mat. Now fold your legs from your knees slowly.

Now fold both your hands with the elbow and make a stand of both hands under your waist.

Now raise both your legs slowly upwards.

yoga for eyes to remove glasses

Fold both your hands with an elbow and keep a stand below your waist.

Both your shoulders should be on the ground. Your neck and head should be forward and stand on the ground on the shoulders.

In this way, stand for as long as you can stand in this pose and then slowly come back to the original pose.

After resting for a while, try to do this pose again.

Initially, there may be trouble in starting, but gradually you will become experts in this pose and you will be able to stay in this pose for a long time.