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Yoga for Erectile Dysfunction – These five yoga asanas and two pranayamas will alleviate erectile dysfunction. Experts say that erectile dysfunction can be caused by anything, including stress, mental pressure, psychological issues, or injury, so there’s no need to panic.

If you want to get rid of this disease, these five asanas, and two pranayamas will undoubtedly help you. In this post, we will look at some yoga for erectile dysfunction.

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Although there are many remedies for erectile dysfunction on the market, yoga is a natural remedy with no side effects. Yoga is now being used to treat many incurable diseases.

Yoga and pranayama are used to treat genetic diseases such as high blood pressure, diabetes, and thyroid disease.

Top 5 Yoga for Erectile Dysfunction

These 5 yoga asanas will heal you from the inside out. You won’t even need to go to a yoga studio to do this five yoga for erectile dysfunction; you can do them right at home on your yoga mat. You must also only perform these two pranayamas for 15 minutes each.

Bow Pose Pose for Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction is a weakness caused by poor blood circulation in the body or muscle loosening. Aside from that, there is a risk of getting this disease if you have any other disease in your body, such as heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, or obesity.
Dhanurasana is beneficial in these conditions. Dhanursana stretches the body’s muscles, strengthening the weak cast muscles. With this ease, the veins of the abdomen and thighs are also strengthened, resulting in proper blood circulation throughout the body.

Dhanurasana is used to treat diseases such as erectile dysfunction. Aside from that, it is well-known as a cure for diseases such as back pain, piles, kidney disorder, reuhmitis or gout, menstruation, headache, acidity, constipation, arthritis, and insanity.

Halasana a Yoga for Erectile Dysfunction

According to studies, the majority of this disease occurs in people whose blood circulation balance deteriorates in the middle. As a result, Halasana yoga also serves this function.
If you are depressed because of this disease, there is no need to panic because it is not incurable; Halasana undoubtedly benefits you in erectile dysfunction.

Halasana promotes blood circulation in your middle part.

Halasana improves blood circulation in the central nervous system. This asana promotes good blood circulation in the body’s bones.

Because none of the bones release calcium, they are free of faulty holes and rigidity.
All of the nerves connected to the spine and the muscles are stimulated in such a way that one would be completely relieved of fatigue.

By stretching the spinal cord. The body relaxes and gains energy.

This posture will also increase the flow of blood circulation in your middle part. Because the heart pumps blood towards the height and the blood flow increases as the middle part of the body rise.

Apart from erectile dysfunction, there is also treatment for many diseases such as Reuhmits or Gout, Menses, Mental Depression, Nerve Weakness, For Eyes, and Leucorrhoea with this Asana.

Sarvangasana Pose

Shoulder stand is another name for Sarvangasana. By practicing this asana, you can also get rid of embarrassing diseases like erectile dysfunction and increase your masculine strength like a bull.
This is also known as the best yoga pose for treating erectile dysfunction. This pose is nearly identical to the Plough pose.

Sarvangasana promotes the circulation of fresh blood in the brain and throughout the body. The use of Moolband and Udayanabandha in this asana has a positive effect on the body’s productive gland.
These glands determine our mental, physical, and sexual strength.

Sarvangasana treats erectile dysfunction. Apart from this Dyspepsia, Piles, Ulcer, Cough, Obesity, Diabetes, Low Blood Pressure, Throat disease, Hernia, Insomnia, Menses, Mental Depression, Headache, Eyes Diseases, Appendix, Stone, Tonsils, Diseases like Skin Disease and Loose Motions are also treated. Along with this comes memory power as well.

Leg Raise Pose or Padottansan

You must have realized by now how simple these yoga asanas for erectile dysfunction are. This does not require any special training. You can do these yoga asanas in any quiet place, such as your home’s terrace or any room, or you can do them in your garden.

Padottanasana strengthens the thighs and abdominal muscles. Due to the stretch in the veins of the thighs and abdomen, the blood circulation in the central part is correct. By doing this asana, women’s menstruation disorder is cured and sexual power also increases.
Along with curing the disease of erectile dysfunction, Padottanasana also cures diseases of knees, Calves disease, thigh disease, Buttocks disease, waistline, muscles, and hand and shoulder disease.

Chakrasana or Circle Pose

Chakrasana stretches the thighs, abdomen, knees, and chest of a person. Blood circulation is improved, muscles are stronger, and sexual power increases as the body stretches more and more.

There is increased blood circulation in the thighs, which promotes freshness. This asana also helps women with menstrual problems. The body’s flexibility improves, and the nervous system functions normally.

Chakrasana relieves pain in the lumbar region. Increased blood circulation in the brain alleviates headaches and migraines.

This asana does not cause Bon Reidity’s disease or intact the amount of calcium in the bones. Aside from that, there is less physical weakness in the body and less hand and leg vibration.

Two Pranayam for Erectile Dysfunction

In addition to the five yoga asanas listed above, two pranayamas can be practiced to treat erectile dysfunction. Kapalbhati and Anulom Vilom are two such pranayama practices that have been shown to be effective in the treatment of this disease.

Both of these pranayamas do not require the participation of a yoga institute or yoga teacher training.

Both pranayamas should be done on an empty stomach in the morning. And food should not be eaten even after 30 minutes of pranayama.


I hope you enjoy and understand these five poses and two pranayamas known as yoga erection.

Because you may not feel comfortable doing yoga for erectile dysfunction at first, but you will gradually get used to it and begin to feel better.

These five yoga asanas and two pranayamas will not only help you with erectile dysfunction but will also keep you healthy in general.

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