Friends, if you are searching for Yoga for Eyes to Remove Glasses then you are in the right place..”

These two poses, Sirsasana or Sarvangasana are the best poses for eye diseases..”

If you want to get rid of permanent eye disease and get rid of permanent eyeglasses, then start yoga today.

Eyeball rotation is a good exercise. Focus on both thumbs and then move both the eyeballs to the left and then middle, and then the right side

The perfect time to perform this exercise is also in the morning. Sit down in the lotus pose in the morning, and keep erect back and head

Focus on both thumbs first with your both eyeballs. Then direct rotate both eyeballs upside without moving your face.

Headstand or Sirsasana is first yoga pose which is very useful yoga for eyes to remove glasses..... But be careful ..Read below

The Shoulder Stand pose is second best pose for those who are not able to perform Headstand pose.