Ushtrasana or Camel Pose Benefits and Steps

In Sanskrit, Ushtr means “camel.” In this asana, the body is curved similar to a camel. That’s why Ushtrasana is the name given to this posture.


When we are busy with our daily tasks, we have a habit of bending forward. As a result, the spine’s normal position is disrupted. This asana completely rectifies spine deformity.

Ushtrasana or Camel Pose Steps

Sit in Vajrasana and stand up on the knees, keeping the knees apart equal to the width of the shoulders.

Both feet behind the back should be parallel to each other.

Place the feet on the ground, soles upturned.

Bring both hands to the waist so that the thumbs touch the spine.

All four fingers of the hands should point to the navel.

Camel Pose

Inhale slowly and slowly bend the neck backward.

When the bend is complete, take the hands off the waist and place them on the soles of the feet.

Breathing should be normal.

Maintain this pose for as long as possible.

Return to your original position slowly and perform a test in Vajrasana.

Precaution for Ushtrasana

The most important thing to remember in this asana is to keep the navel as far outward as possible to have the greatest effect on the spine.
Second, the movement back to the original position should be extremely slow. Make no haste, as this may result in giddiness.

Ushtrasana or Camel Pose Benefits

Because of its effectiveness on the three sections of the spine. The cervical (neck) and dorsal (middle) spines, as well as the lumbar (spine below the waist), become more flexible.
All minor vertebral displacements, such as deformity, slip disc, and spondylitis, are removed.
The inner thighs, abdomen, and chest are stretched and strengthened.
It also helps to reduce excess fat on the hips and abdomen.
When we bend backward while inhaling, our trunk, waist, and lungs become more flexible, increasing our ability to hold our breath.
This asana is extremely beneficial for both body development and heightening.
It also treats all menstrual cycle irregularities in women.

It strengthens the heart and relieves other heart-related ailments.

Diseases Cured by Ustrasana

Back Pain
Live Disorders
Throat Disease
Pinched Nerve

Erectile Dysfunction

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