Triangle Posture Advantages and Steps

While performing Triangle Posture, our body’s bones, arms, and legs form a triangle.

In Sanskrit, Trikon means triangle. In this asana, the posture is similar to that of a triangle. Trikonasana, or triangle posture, is the name given to this posture.

Triangle posture is included in standing poses like Ashwathasana, Garudasana, and Ardha Chakrasana. If you missed these asanas, you can read them by clicking on the link.

How to Perform Triangle Posture

Stand with your feet at a comfortable distance apart to perform this asana.
Raise your hands slowly until they are in line with your shoulders.
Make sure your hands are not moving up and down or back and front and make them in a straight line.


Keep your right leg straight and rotate your left foot’s toes 90 degrees outwards.
Take a deep breath and slowly bend your body to the left from the waist while exhaling.
Make an attempt to touch your left heel with your left hand.
And raise your right hand to the sky.

Triangle Posture

Some people will be unable to reach their hand to their heel while performing this asana, so stretch the hand as far as possible

Stay in this position for a few minutes. Inhale normally and exhale normally.
Feel the relaxation throughout your body and slowly inhale to return to your original position. Straighten your left leg as well.

Now, rotate your right leg 90 degrees to the outside and repeat this process on the opposite side.

Trikonasana Benefits

  • This asana strengthens the waist muscles.
  • This asana eliminates the problem of flat feet.
  • This asana improves the strength of the thighs, shoulders, chest, and spine.
  • Mental stress and anxiety are relieved in this asana by taking slow and deep breaths.
  • The body lightens up. The spine and the muscles that surround it are strengthened.
  • Hands, feet, back, and neck all strengthen.
  • This asana is especially beneficial for women, in addition to men.
  • While strengthening the muscles, burns off excess fat.
  • It stimulates all of the organs in the abdominal region.
  • All body deformities are corrected.
  • This asana benefits all of the organs, including the liver, kidneys, pancreas, and colon.
  • It improves the lungs’ ability to hold breath for longer periods of time.

Triangle Posture Precautions

  • If a person has a neck or shoulder injury, this asana should be avoided.
  • Even if the practitioner has a sleep disc or sciatica, this asana should be avoided.

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