The Origin of Yoga

The tradition of Yoga in India dates back to several thousand years. Its founders being, the Rishis, the great saints, the Maharshi’s and sages. Those were the genuine Yogis, who not only were the masters of the mind and body but also had supernatural powers and arts. The reason they could do so is due to their unceasing hunger and efforts to find the truth. They realized and were convinced that life had its limits and there was a way to escape the pain and sufferings of life. The great Yogis were moved by the sufferings caused to the people around them and wanted to see the common man drive away from ignorance to their path towards freedom. They devised their experiences in such a way that any layman could understand it and follow to reach their final goal which is the true discovery of the self.

Initially this knowledge was available only in monasteries, the caves of the Himalayas and ashrams; taught by a guru to only those people who were suitable to receive it. Later on, the Yoga science developed in many ways and began to spread among the common people all over India.

Hence the Origin of Yoga is India.