Siddhasana Benefits and Steps

Siddhasana, as the title indicates, is considered to be the best meditation asana.

Sidhasana, Sukhasana, Swastikasana and Padmasana are important poses in Yoga.

Siddhasana or Adept Pose Steps

Fold the left foot and place its heel at the semen nerve between the anus and the genital organ. Fold the right foot and place the heel against the genital organ’s root.


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The feet or legs should be arranged so that the ankle joints are one on top of the other. Insert your fingers and toes from both feet between your thighs and calves.
Both hands should be in the Gyan Mudra position.

The neck and spine are both perfectly straight. Close your eyes comfortably.
Agya Chakra is the focus of attention.

Siddhasana Benefits

When our Pran (Life) and Mind are stable, all of the seminal nerves relax. As a result, the movement of sperm gains an upward tendency, which is very beneficial in maintaining celibacy.
Controlling one Pran or Seminal Energy, Mental function, or Mind gives one complete control over oneself. Siddhasana is particularly significant in this regard.
All ailments associated with sperm are cured.

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