Sarvangasana Benefits and Steps

In sanskrit, ‘Sarv’ means ‘all’, and Ang means ‘limb.’ Because this posture affects and benefits all parts of the body, it is known as Sarvangasana.


Other asanas influence one or more important organs of the body, but this asana influences all parts of our bodies.

This asana is performed at the end because the body is warmed up and geared up to facilitate the practice of this posture. And allow us to derive more benefits than otherwise.

Sarvangasana Steps

Lie flat on your back. Maintain straight legs. Stretch the feet forward by bringing the toes and heels together. Stretch the arms parallel to and close to the body.

Palms should be facing down. From head to toe, the body must be straight. Begin by inhaling and slowly raising the legs upward from the hip joints. Bring the legs to a 90-degree angle and hold for a few seconds.

Exhaling and pressing the palms against the floor, extend the legs beyond the head, parallel to the ground.
Normalize your breathing and hold this position for a few moments. The toes will remain fully stretched in this position, and the knees will not bend.

Hands-on the back, slowly stretch the legs upwards towards the sky. Place the palms on the back as far down as possible, so that the entire body stands straight on the shoulders.

Sharvangasan Pose

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The chin should rest on the chest. Relax the toes and hold this position as comfortably as possible for the duration. Continue to breathe normally.

After gaining sufficient practice in this posture, alternate between Moolbandh and Jalandhabandh to maximize the benefits of this asana.

Now, while keeping the knees straight, slowly extend the legs beyond the head, parallel to the ground.

Remove the hand support from the back and place them closer together on the ground.
Hold this position for a few moments. Return to the ground very slowly, balancing the weight of the entire body on the palms and touching each vertebra of the spinal column on the floor.

Stay in this position with the knees and toes fully stretched after lowering the back to the floor. After that, slowly lower the legs. Gently place them on the ground. Relax your entire body.

Important Point for Sarvangasana

In the final position of this asana, the practitioner must establish complete control over all of his body’s organs. In the final posture, keep the body motionless. Please do not wave.

Many practitioners have been observed to rotate their legs or move them to the left and right.

However, they must understand that the full benefits of Sarvangasana can be obtained only by remaining completely motionless, allowing blood to flow to the uppermost organs of the body, namely the head.

This flow is hampered by moving the feet here and there. The reason is self-evident.

If the feet fall to remain steady in this pose, the blood that flows to the brain from the feet in the motionless pose Sarvangasana will flow back to the feet.

The knees and toes should be stretched in all positions of this asana. Relax the toes in the final position of this asana after the entire body has been made to stand erect on the shoulders.
The slower the movements with the various steps in Sarvangasana practice, the more beneficial it will be.

For example, when returning to the starting position, the practitioner must place the spine on the ground very slowly.

Because each vertebra of the spine will receive an adequate supply of blood, the spinal column will become flexible and strong.
Finally, when we gently and slowly lower our legs to the ground, our digestive system is toned.

Sarvangasana Benefits

Sarvangasana’s main benefit is improved functioning of the brain, nervous system, ductless glands, respiratory system, blood circulation, throat, and abdomen, and promoting our physical health and charm.

This asana is suitable for children, young men, and women, as well as older people. Sarvangasana is simple to perform once the practice of Halasana is established.

The cervical part of the spine is stimulated by keeping the body vertical. There is a plexus of nerves in the cervical region that extends to the posterior part of the brain. The practice of this asana greatly strengthens and tones this part.

The flow of fresh blood normally strengthens the brain. However, because the chin is pressed against the throat, the increased flow of blood into the brain is obstructed.

In this regard, Sarvangasan is thought to be more beneficial than Sirshana.
All vascular spasms in the brain that cause headaches are eliminated, as is the free flow of blood in the brain.
Jalandharband is extremely beneficial to the thyroid gland. The hormones of this gland are harmoniously blended and stimulated by the even flow of blood.

The endocrine glands’ separation is automatically controlled. As a result, this posture promotes the healthy development of our entire metabolism.

Sarvangasan Benefits Part -2

The practice of Moolbandh and Uddiyanbandh in this posture has a significant impact on our productive glands, also known as gonads. These glands determine our mental, physical, and sexual strength.

Uddiyanbandh practice stimulates our pancreas and adrenal glands.
The vital energy, the seminal energy, which has a downward tendency in all beings, is reversed into an upward movement towards our brain by practicing this asana.

In the final Sarvangasan position, our breathing process almost comes to a halt in the upper part of our lungs.

It is pushed into the lower part of the lungs and the abdomen. As a result, blood circulation pervades the entire region of veins and arteries.

In addition, the lungs and abdomen are stimulated and inspired. As a result, the disease of asthma does not appear.

This posture is especially beneficial for blood circulation purification and rectification.
It treats all throat disorders and prevents tonsillitis. Sound becomes melodious and strengthens the throat, eyes, nose, and ear.

All cells in the body are activated due to the supply of blood in all organs. Skin improves in beauty. This asana prevents greying and hair loss by allowing blood to flow into the hair roots.

Sarvangasana Benefits Part -3

This asana has been found to be extremely beneficial in the treatment of female sterility as well as uterine and menstrual disorders.

It treats piles, deafness, celibacy violations, and body underdevelopment. Nocturnal emissions, mental illnesses, diabetes, memory, and intelligence loss

The diaphragm ascends toward the brain. It aids digestion and alleviates constipation.
It alleviates fatigue and increases physical strength. By remaining in Sarvangasana in its final position for a longer period of time, the entire flow of blood from other organs is directed toward the brain.

When we return to our normal position, the blood flows back to our feet. As a result of this process, all of the body’s organs are revitalized.

Diseases Cured by Sarvangasana

  • Dyspepsia
  • Piles
  • Cough
  • Obesity
  • Diabetes
  • Low Blood Pressure
  • Throat Disease
  • Herina
  • Insomnia
  • Menses
  • Mental Depression
  • Neurasthenia or Nervous Weakness
  • Headache
  • Eye Disease
  • Appendix
  • Stone
  • Tonsils
  • Anemia
  • Skin Disease
  • Loose Motions
  • For Memory Power
  • Insanity
  • Impotence
  • Erectile Dysfunction

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