Plavini Pranayama Benefits and Steps

Plavini Pranayama– The body receives fresh blood infusions twice a year, in March–April, and September–October. These are the times of the year when our temperament seems to be disturbed by the bile’s rage and our digestive power decreases.

The Palvini Breathing Exercise is very helpful in this circumstance. Similar to how the Kunjal Kriya purifies the alimentary canal, which runs from the stomach to the throat.

The Palvini Breathing Exercise purifies this area of the body using air. Therefore, individuals who find it difficult to evacuate water from their mouths during Kunal Kriya can easily execute this Breathing Exercise.

Plavini Pranayama Steps

Put your hands on your knees while seated in Padmasan, the lotus pose. Maintain a straight spine and neck. Be happy and quietly close your eyes.
Start swallowing air while maintaining a round mouth, similar to how you do with water. Allow the stomach to swell up with air.

When the stomach is fully inflated with air, gently seal your mouth and hold your breath from your stomach to your throat.

Plavini Pranayama

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Now stick out your tongue and exhale entirely out of your lungs while bending from the lower half of your back. Start inhaling and then do it again. Repetition counts can be gradually raised.

In this breathing exercise, it’s crucial to remember that air intake should be sipped like water. Avoid taking it all in at once.

Make sure the air goes through the entire abdomen after the stomach is fully inflated. Similarly, observe that all foul matter is expelled out of the abdomen when the air is completely exhaled.

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Plavini Pranayama Benefits

It eliminates all bad gas from the stomach and treats all biliary and abdominal conditions.
Abdominal parasites are eliminated by it.
The digestive system is corrected.
It alleviates hysteria
By consistently using it, one can survive for a few days without eating.

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