Penny Knatchbull – You Need to Know About Her Life

Penelope Meredith Mary Knatchbull, also known as Penny Cnatchbull, is a countess and the daughter of Reginald Wray Frank and Marian Elizabeth Wood. She was born on April 16, 1953, in London, UK. 

From 1979 to 2005, she was known as Lady Romsey, and from 2005 to 2017 she was known as The Lady Brabourne. She is the spouse of Norton Knatchbull and the mother of Leonora Knatchbull, Alexandra Knatchbull, and Nicholas Knatchbull. She was educated at the London School of Economics and currently resides at Broadlands.

Celebrity NamePenny Cnatchbull
Full NamePenelope Meredith Mary Knatchbull
DesignationCountess Mountbatten of Burma
Known from 1979 to 2005Lady Romsey
Known from 2005 to 2017The Lady Brabourne
BornApr 16, 1953,
Birth PlaceLondon, UK
SpouseNorton Knatchbull
ParentsReginald Wray Frank and  Marian Elizabeth Wood
EducationLondon School of Economics
ChildrenLeonora Knatchbull, Alexandra Knatchbull, Nicholas Knatchbull
Lives inBroadlands

Penny Knatchbull and Lady Romsey

Penny Knatchbull, also known as Lady Romsey, is the wife of Lord Romsey, who is the son and heir of the 2nd Countess Mountbatten of Burma and the 7th Lord Brabourne. 

The couple married on October 20, 1979, at Romsey Abbey, with Charles, Prince of Wales serving as the best man. 

The wedding took place just two months after the assassination of Lord Romsey’s grandfather, the 1st Earl Mountbatten of Burma, by the Irish Republican Army (IRA). Lady Romsey and her husband reside at the family seat, Broadlands, in Hampshire.

Prince Philip and Penny Knatchbull

Penny Knatchbull and Prince Philip had a close relationship, as Philip was a cousin of Lord Louis Mountbatten, Penny Knatchbull’s father. When Prince Philip passed away in 2021, Penny Knatchbull was among the family members who attended his funeral at St. George’s Chapel in Windsor.

The fifth season of The Crown

The fifth season of The Crown, a Netflix show about the reign of Queen Elizabeth II, was released recently and has received criticism for blurring the lines between fact and fiction.

One plotline in the season involves Prince Philip (Jonathan Pryce) forming a close relationship with Penny Knatchbull (Natascha McElhone), also known as Countess Mountbatten of Burma, who was 32 years younger than him. This friendship is based on a real-life connection that began in 1975 at a polo match.

Penny Knatchbull Prince Philip Relationship

In the fifth season of The Crown, Prince Philip asks the Queen to form a friendship with Lady Mountbatten so that they won’t be misunderstood when they are seen together. The Queen invites Lady Mountbatten to join her on a car ride to church at Christmas in Sandringham.

In real life, Lady Mountbatten, also known as Lady Romsey and Lady Brabourne, had a shared love for carriage driving with Prince Philip. When she met him, she was in a relationship with Earl Mountbatten’s grandson Norton Knatchbull, whom she later married.

Penny Knatchbull as a Socialist

Lady Mountbatten, also known as Penny Knatchbull, is a close friend of the British royal family and frequently attends the Royal Windsor Horse Show as a guest. In 2010, she became the High Steward of Romsey, a position previously held by the 1st Earl Mountbatten of Burma. 

She also founded the Leonora Children’s Cancer Fund, which merged with The Edwina Mountbatten Trust in 2010 to become The Edwina Mountbatten and Leonora Children’s Foundation. 

She has taken over the management of Broadlands following her husband’s diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease. Lady Mountbatten was particularly close to Prince Philip and was one of only 30 mourners at his funeral in 2021. She also attended the state funeral of Queen Elizabeth II in 2022 with her daughter Lady Alexandra Hooper.

Penny Knatchbull as an Actress

In addition to her acting career and her role as a member of the royal family, Penny Knatchbull has also been involved in various charitable endeavors. She is still alive and currently resides in London.


Penny Knatchbull, also known as Lady Pamela Hicks, has had a varied and interesting life. As the daughter of Lord Louis Mountbatten, she was born into the royal family and has always been a prominent figure in British society. 

In addition to her acting career, she has also been involved in various charitable endeavors and has maintained close relationships with members of the royal family, including the late Prince Philip. 

Despite facing personal challenges and controversies, including an affair that made headlines in the 1960s, she has remained a respected and admired member of the royal family and continues to be active in public life.

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