New Creatures Found on the Earth

In January 2018, a video was uploaded to YouTube showcasing a creature that is both creepy and fascinating. It appears to be half-human, half-fish, but not at all like what we’ve come to expect from mermaid stories. This creature has a fish head full of scales with protruding eyes, and while it does have two arms, they don’t have fins at the end, but fingers. Its torso looks human, but it ends in a giant fishtail. The creature was lying in a cargo box, and although some people claimed it was in a port in China, it’s unclear where the video was actually taken, or who filmed it.

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Despite the lack of information about this particular creature, it’s become quite popular on the internet, largely because it seems to be one of the most realistic pieces of evidence related to mermaids. This, of course, begs the question: what other mysterious sea creatures might be lurking beneath the waves?

In December of 2008, a man named Doug West working in the Gulf of Mexico uploaded a video to his Facebook profile that showed an elongated creature that looked like a jellyfish or an octopus. The creature moved as if it were a very long piece of cloth, without tentacles or limbs.

Its body seemed to swim, going with the flow, but the most curious thing about this animal is not just its shape but what happens afterwards. Its long blue structure started changing its shade, first to purple and then to red. Once it became red, you could see how its tail came off.

No one knows why, but it regenerated in a matter of seconds, and its shape changed entirely. Two flat fins come out where there was nothing before, and it even moved as if there were another creature. There were many theories about this creature, but none of them seemed to solve people’s doubts.

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There have been other sightings of mermaid-like creatures, including one in Koryatyam, Israel. The scene was recorded from a bridge, and we see a humanoid creature with a fishtail resting on a rock at low tide. When it noticed it was being observed, it escaped, but having no legs, it had to crawl along the rocky surface to the sea.

The shot looked quite improvised, and the boy seemed very scared. It seemed hard to believe a woman in a costume had pretended to be a mermaid because the current and the cold water were so strong no one would dare to perform that action. The government of Israel had offered a reward of one million dollars to anyone who could take a picture of the mysterious mermaid.

The representative of the town hall, Nati Zilberman, explained that many people claimed to have seen it. Many of them described it as half-girl, half-fish, as it jumped like a dolphin and did tricks before disappearing.

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There are many stories about intelligent life beneath the waves, but are they just tourist tales? The following video was captured by a group of scientists from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, an agency of the US Department of Commerce. They examined an oil tank 526 meters underwater, and no, it wasn’t an underwater excursion in a diving suit. Human beings haven’t been able to dive beyond 332 meters by swimming.

It’s a video recorded with a specialized underwater camera, which explains why it looks so clear. What they found is both amazing and a bit terrifying: there are creatures down there that we’ve never seen before. Who knows what other wonders the deep sea might hold?

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A viral video claims to show a strange creature that looks like an alien with human-like eyes and four legs, which is being touted as a sign of danger by NASA. However, India Today Anti Fake News War Room (AFWA) investigated the claim and found that the creature in the video is not real, but a silicone artwork created by Italian artist Lyra Maganuco. The claim of an alien sighting in a village in Darbhanga is also baseless, as confirmed by the District Magistrate. The price of the Armadillo artwork seen in the viral picture is US $ 8306.64.

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