Mysterious Creatures Caught on Camera

With the advent of technology, most of us have smartphones that can capture photos and videos. However, sometimes the things we capture on camera can be too weird to comprehend. From ghosts on the news to lake monsters, here are 20 unexplained mysterious creatures caught on camera.

Strange Creature in Portugal

The video shows a strange giant human-like creature sauntering through a Portuguese desert. Although the footage isn’t the clearest, many people have said that it is one of the scariest creatures ever caught on camera. The creature almost looks like a yeti or chupacabra and it has a thin body, dark face, and light-colored body. 

scarist Animal

While some people believe this monster is real, there are probably just as many who think it’s a hoax. A rumor-debunking site says the shadowing’s all wrong and the lighting is inconsistent with the creature’s surroundings.


There’s every reason to believe that the potentially animated creature has been superimposed over ordinary footage, but what if it wasn’t, and the beast was real? Now, that would be scary.

Mutant Human-like Creature

This creature looks like some kind of mutant human with a hairless face and body, a dog coat of shame, and a muzzle to stop whatever it is from biting. 

mysterious creature

It appears to be by a swimming pool, and we were told that a neighboring property owner sneakily took the photo. What do you think it is, and why is it being held captive?

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These are just two examples of the mysterious creatures caught on camera. With technology at our fingertips, we are in the best position we’ve ever been to clear up hoaxes and confirm the presence of otherworldly creatures.

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