The Microblading Healing Process | The Best Tips for Your Journey


Microblading is used to make your eyebrows fuller and thicker. It is a way of filling cosmetic tattooing into your eyebrows. People are using this technique to make eyebrows look feathery and full.

Microblading Healing Process
Microblading Healing Process

 Microblading is a temporary makeup way that uses a small, handheld tool to place and transfer pigment onto the skin and make microblade strokes that look natural, individual brow hairs

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Section 1: What is Microblading?

Microblading is an inkless technique that uses a small, handheld tool to create tiny cuts, then pigment is placed on top. This method has gained popularity since 2009.

This method is not just for your eyebrows, but a full face or even the entire body. One way to get the technique done is to get a tattoo technician to use a blade to create the lines.

Microblading Healing Process
Microblading Healing Process

Microblading does not leave a tattoo on your skin after the procedure. It is covered by the skin for about a month before they start to heal.  Microblading Treatment Time  12 weeks to one year.

 Does it feel painful to have Microblading?  In order to make your brows to look fabulous, it does need some time to get used to it. You have to endure the pain to see the results. It is not painful if you understand the procedure.

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Why Do People Get Microblading?

1. Someone who has a thinning brow line, taper of the eyebrows, or damaged skin due to old or broken brushes that have caused the eyebrows to have thin and sparse hairs. 

2. If one got a tattoo of a tattoo for somebody else then these short hairs will be gone and given up to get used as natural eyebrow hairs.

 3. These individuals are looking for a natural look and not a strong look.  3 Tips for Getting Microblading: 

Tips for Getting Microblading Eyebrows: 

1. To practice, you first need to take a picture of the eyebrows. You will need to draw a brow line to see your perfect shape.

 2. You need to follow this step by step, take note of all eyebrow dimensions and shapes. 

3. Now you need to do your reading and proper practice of following these simple tips. 

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The Healing Process of Microblading

After the makeup process is over you will find it hard to believe that you have only gotten it done today. You should wait a week before you look in the mirror again and see for yourself.

Microblading Healing Process
Microblading Healing Process

The Microblading healing process is a 6 to 8-week process, it does not usually take that long, most of the people that have got it done have been able to notice results after just a week.

 As the needles are moving, you will notice that you would feel it. Some people have said that it feels like pins and needles and can cause some discomfort.

The last thing that you will experience is a soreness feeling. People feel the worst after about 5 days and these are normal.

 What to Expect After Microblading  Most of people are positive after getting the microblading done but some can get negative.

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Aftercare and Maintenance of Your Microbladed Eyebrows

It is imperative that we get it clear that, they aren’t able to remove it by tweezers. The eyebrow will always have a natural look and shape. No other upkeep will be required for their protection.

 Do note that these are temporary and not permanent. So you don’t need to get it filled again after. 

Tips to keep your eyebrow microbladed at its best 

• Cover your eyebrows with makeup for 6 weeks. Wear daily or weekly masks. 

• Don’t sleep with your eyebrows! 

• Wear shades, tinted moisturizer, and mascara. 

Do’s and Dont’s of microblading 

Don’t apply the cosmetic product at the same place more than once.

 Do test before applying on your face or your brows. 

Don’t use products with alcohol and colognes.

 Do take care of your skin. It will become very thin after applying the product.

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If you want to get your eyebrows enhanced, then you need to use the Microblading Techniques. Get natural brows by microblading your eyebrows.

This technique is in trend right now and many celebrities are showing their confidence by having it done vintage decadence, cycling, swing-dancing, and cultivating her Bettie bangs.