Micro Exercise – Suksham Vyayam

Yoga should always begin with gentle movements. Micro exercise is also beneficial in the treatment of many diseases of the body, such as pinched nerve disease. Suksham Vyayam also helps with cervical, spondylitis, and migraine pain.

micro exercise

Micro exercises create motion in the body, which allows yoga poses to be performed well. Suksham – Vyayams are harmless and can be performed at any time of day. Today’s post will go over seven different types of micro exercises that you can do at home or at work without the help of a yoga instructor.

Micro Exercise – One

Spread your hands in front of you, then turn your thumbs inward and close your fist.

micro exercise one

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Both fists rotate in front of you. You must take a deep breath and then slowly exhale while performing this asana. At work, repeat this exercise 20 to 30 times.

Suksham Vyayam – Two

Both hands must be placed on both shoulders, and both elbows must be joined. In the circle, both elbows must revolve around the shoulders.

Micro Exercise- two

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Take a deep breath and then slowly exhale. This practice must be done gradually.

Suksham Vyayam – Three

You must hold your right hand’s wrist with your left hand and your left hand’s wrist with your right hand.

Micro Exercise- Three

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Then, from the top of the shoulders, stretch the left hand towards the right shoulder from the back of the head. You have now completed the process with your right hand as well. This exercise can be repeated 4 to 7 times.

Micro Exercise – Four

Both hands’ fingers must be in contact with each other, and both hands must be placed on the back of the head as a spot.

Sukshama Vyayama

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The head must be pushed back, and the hands must be pushed forward. You must take a deep breath and slowly exhale while doing this.

Micro Exercise – Five

The left hand should be placed on the left side of the head, then the hand should be pressed slightly on the head, and the head should be pressed towards the hand.

Suksham Vyayama

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Repeat with both hands, one at a time. You must take a deep breath and slowly exhale while doing this.

Micro Exercise – Six

Fix the fingers of both hands together and place both hands on the forehead, then apply pressure to the inside of your brow.

Micro Exercise Six

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You must take a deep breath and slowly exhale while doing this. Rep this exercise 8 to 10 times.

Micro Exercise – Seven

Revolve the head in a round circle from the neck; if the neck hurts, move the head less towards the front.

Micro Exercise Seven

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Both hands’ fists must be closed, and then both fists must be joined together. Thumbs must also be joined together. Both fists must press against each other before stretching towards the front.

Micro Exercises Benefits

  1. Micro exercise relieves fatigue.
  2. This exercise relieves shoulder pain.
  3. Performing micro-exercises after eating aids in digestion.
  4. Micro exercise can treat cervical and spondylitis.
  5. This exercise alleviates back pain.
  6. Micro-exercise relieves headaches and migraines.
  7. This exercise helps to relieve hand stiffness.
  8. The body warms up before beginning yoga by performing micro exercises.
  9. Micro exercises are used to treat neck pain.

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