Yoga Pants for Men

Best 5 Mens Yoga Pants -2021


Are you a fan of yoga? If yes, then you will be definitely a fan of downward dog, headstand, shoulder stand, camel pose, and Surya namaskar pose and you need mens yoga pants.

There are a few yoga poses that you will be not comfortable performing in casual pants or capris.

Perfect and fit yoga pants play a good role to create good interest in yoga. If a small investment can create your interest in yoga then it is not a bad deal. You should also purchase comfortable yoga pants and keep performing yoga poses for good health. Here is a list of best Best 5 Mens Yoga Pants -2021

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HDE Men's Athletic Yoga Pants

Willit Men's Active Yoga Leggings Pants

FLYFIREFLY Men's 2-in-1 Workout Yoga Cappri

BALEAF Men's Compression Yoga Pants

LEICHR Compression Yoga Pants for Men

According to a survey, women want to look more beautiful in yoga class than men and they buy more yoga clothes than men.

When women want to look more beautiful and young in yoga classes, why not men.

Men also want to look young and beautiful like women in yoga classes.  Men also need some flexible, lightweight, and comfortable yoga clothes for yoga classes.

Today we recommend the 5 best men’s yoga pants. These pants are high-quality and top-rated pants that will make you more flexible while doing tough yoga poses.

While doing yoga in yoga classes, there are some yoga poses that are required to wear flexible and comfortable yoga pants, such as headstand pose, balmachlan asan, straight jumping, and camel pose. Here is a detailed review of Top 5 Mens Yoga Pants.

Top 5 Mens Yoga Pants – Editor’s Pick

We have huge and long time experience in Yoga and we bound to provide free information about it. We always conduct surveys through our audiences and online class participants and found these mens yoga pants best in comfort and easy to use in yoga asanas.

1 – HDE Men’s Athletic Yoga Pants

HDE Men's Athletic Yoga Pants

Qualities of HDE Men’s Athletic Yoga Pants

The fabric used is 95% Cotton / 5% Spandex, which makes it more stretchable and breathable.

Comfortable yoga pants for men: The soft, breathable fabric provides a comfortable feel throughout the day.

Great for the everyday gym, athletic, running, or yoga classes.

Moisture Viking soccer pants: a modern technical fabric that absorbs moisture from the body during any exercise,

sporting activity; Track running, Jogging, Baseball, Basketball, Soccer, Weight lifting, or yoga classes.

Features: Lightweight and comfortable leggings have an athletic look and look better and attractive in yoga classes.

Elastic drawstring ribbed elastic cuffs at the waist and ankle

Pants for every season: Wear your sweat pants in the summer and stay cool and sweat-free; Hug tight in the winter. Women like those people who wear these pants.

Soft and less thick material pants

These pants are best for inverted poses like headstand, because of their cuffs are snugger and they don’t ride up in these poses.

Handy pockets to keep tissue or phone. Enough room to wear other yoga shorts under them.

2 – Willit Men’s Active Yoga Leggings Pants

Willit Men's Active Yoga Leggings Pants

Qualities of Willit Men’s Active Yoga Leggings Pants

Beautiful and comfortable yoga leggings.

Made with advance fabric combination of 75% nylon and 25% spandex.

Comfortable leggings for all seasons.

Comes with two handy phone pockets.

This leggings is a perfect for Yoga, daily wear, running or fitness workout.

Beautiful and secure fit elastic waistband provides extra supports.

It comfortable washable with hand or machine.

3 – FLYFIREFLY Men’s 2-in-1 Workout Yoga Cappries

FLYFIREFLY Men's 2-in-1 Workout Yoga Cappries

Qualities of FLYFIREFLY Men’s 2-in-1 Workout Yoga Cappries

Flyfirefely is a well-known brand. These yoga cappries are very comfortable, lightweight, and breathable.

Material is used that is high quality. The company claims that 95% polyamide and 5 % Polyester are used in the fabric.

 Very comfortable in yoga classes and can perform all asanas easily.

Enough compression cappies with side pockets for the phone.

Comfortable in other activities like running, yoga and gym also.

4 – BALEAF Men’s Compression Yoga Pants

BALEAF Men's Compression Yoga Pants

Qualities of BALEAF Men’s Compression Yoga Pants

Best leggings for yoga classes. Ever apart from yoga, anyone can use them in winter cycling and gym.

These are beautiful, fit, and flattering leggings.

Non-transparent leggings. Material is used very stretchably and breathable to build them.

Comfortable pants with side pockets for phone.

Beautiful elastic waistband that makes smooth and secure fit.

These leggings are very comfortable in yoga classes and the practitioner looks attractive after wearing them.

 30-day full money-back guarantee and without an argument return policy. Best customer service to help the customers.

5 – LEICHR Compression Yoga Pants for Men

LEICHR Compression Yoga Pants for Men

Qualities of LEICHR Compression Yoga Pants for Men

This compression pant is very comfortable for yoga as well as a gym. It’s a tight yoga pant that comes with a phone pocket.

No matter if you are purchasing it for yoga or sports, it will be perfect for men as well as kids.

Qualities of this pant are

There are numerous qualities in these pants.

Mostly yoga pants are stretchable, but the company has added spandex to make them extra stretchable and it retain the shape.

It is a compression pant that helps to reduce lactic acid buildup in muscles and helps oxygen circulation in the legs.

Softened streamline. Due to tight-fitting, it seems second skin on the legs. This kind of of-fitting style is good at retaining body heat to keep you warm.

Humidity sensing / quick time dry/two-way air circulation. Retention of cold in summer and heat in winter.

Comfortable and breathable, great leggings.

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Yoga Statistics

36 million Americans practice yoga.

Between 2012 and 2016 the number of Americans doing yoga grew by 50%.

Americans spend $16 billion on yoga classes, clothing, equipment, and accessories each year.

There are currently 6,000 yoga studios in the US and all studios are working fine.

56% of US yogis are beginners.

The number of men practicing yoga increased by 150% percent in 4 years.

23% of yoga practitioners are 30–39 years old.

About 44% of yoga practitioners practice yoga 2–3 times a week.

40% of US yogis eat healthily because of yoga.

54% of US yogis do yoga because it helps them release tension.

An average yoga practitioner spends almost $90 a month on yoga.

Feel happier (43%)

Get stronger physically and mentally (52%)

Release tension (54%)

Feel less lonely (21%)

2012 to 2016, numbers are growing 50%

worldwide yoga practitioners are 300 million

72% of yoga practitioner is female

19%  18 to 29 years

43% 30 to 49 years

38 % 50+ years

Yoga Participants Women VS Men

If 36 million people are doing yoga in the USA, then no doubt, yoga is going popular day by day. Data says that female participation is 72% in comparison to male 28% participation and that is much higher. 

Due to the high participation of females in yoga, maximum clothes are available for women in the market, whether it is yoga pants, yoga cappies, or other yoga items.  Here we have picked the best yoga pants for men also. 

These are very comfortable and easy use yoga pants that can help to boost yoga habits.

How Yoga Popularity Increased ?

If you check data recently 7 to 8 years back, yoga has jumped 50% in comparison to 2012 t0 2016. Overall 6000+ yoga studios are active in the USA, it shows there is a huge demand for yoga these days.

One data analysis says that 56% of yogis are Beginners in the USA and these statistics show that people are joining day by day as beginners to start yoga in their life.

Final Words : Whom to Start Yoga ?

Yoga is good for everyone, whether it is male or female, young or old even children also. If you have not started yoga, then start it today, because it releases any kind of tension and stress from the body and mind, and 54% of yogis in the US have accepted that yoga releases tension.

The young generation is moving towards yoga because one analysis shows that out of total yogis, 19% are young aged 18 to 29 years old. These yoga pants for men are perfect for young, medium, and old people. Anyone can choose a pant size according to his fitness and choice.

Yoga’s popularity is increasing not only in the US, but it has increased worldwide. A total of 300 million + people have started yoga and if we check it is increased double ration from 2012 to 2016.