How to do Manipura Chakra Meditation?


As we have already discussed, meditation can be done in different ways. This post we shall see how the Manipura Chakra Meditation should be done.

Close your eyes. Sit down comfortably, spine erect, head straight. Breathe in deeply and chant Om three times.

Please remain seated comfortably, keep the eyes closed. Become aware of the body. Awareness of the different parts of your body.

Manipura Chakra Meditation Process.

Practice khechari mudra, gradually turning the tongue back so that the back of the tongue touches the upper pallet and the tip of the tongue is pointing back towards the throat. With khechari mudra combine ujjayi pranayama, practice a slight contraction of the throat muscles so that at the time of breathing in and at the time of breathing out there is a soft, gentle hissing sound.

In this practice gradually lengthen the breath. Do not strain yourself but be comfortable.

Focus your attention on the sound. Try to focus your attention on the sound that is being generated in the practice of ujjayi pranayama.

Feel the breath in the throat region. When your tongue gets tried in khechari then you can release the tongue, relax for a few moments, for a few breaths, and then again practice khechari mudra.

Merge your consciousness with the sound of breath. The deep and gentle sound of ujjayi takes the form of consciousness.

Slowly and gradually go on increasing the length of the breath. Let it become deep, gentle, and relaxing. In this process of khechari and ujjayi, there should not be any physical discomfort. Focus yourself fully on the sound that is being created in the ujjayi breath. Slow, deep, gentle breathing.

Now to this practice of khechari and ujjayi we are going to add the technique of shambhavi mudra. Please read on to know how it should be done.

Lift your head, allowing the head to fall back, so you face the ceiling. In this posture, the head should be comfortable and restful. Once the head has gone back open your eyes gently and focus the vision at the eyebrow center while continuing with the practice of ujjayi and khechari.

When the eyes cannot remain open any longer, then close the eyes and gently allow the head to come back to the center, relaxing khechari but continuing with ujjayi breath.

When you have relaxed then practice khechari again taking the head back, shambhavi mudra, holding the posture as long as possible comfortably, then again closing the eyes, bringing the head back to center, releasing khechari and continuing the breath in ujjayi.

Practice five rounds. Begin slowly.

At the end of each practice feel the deepening relaxation and focusing of attention. Feel the lightness of the body. Practice gently at your own pace, without straining yourself. Five rounds.

When the five rounds are over be steady and comfortable. Release khechari. Stop ujjayi. Maintain the eyes closed and deepen the awareness of inner relaxation and one-pointedness. Develop awareness of Akasha in the body. From the head to the toes.

Observe the space, deepen the awareness of relaxation. Be aware of the space. Develop a total experience of the body containing nothing but space.

The body is to be experienced like an empty shell containing nothing but space, the symbol of consciousness.

WIthin the shell of the body, within the space, is energy. Do not allow the mind to wander, just the experience of energy pervading the body space and nothing else.

There is no mind, no thoughts, no desires, no feelings, no sensations. You are one with the feeling of space, the feeling of expansive nature.

Just the experience of energy, pervading the entire body. And the energy is vibrant. It’s luminous, filling the space with light, filling the whole space of the body with light, intense light.

You are practicing maha akasha dharana. Maha akasha has been described as the bright space, luminous space which exists in the center of the sun. Light radiates everywhere. There is no other experience but of light. You have to awaken the feeling, the awareness of luminosity in the inner space, pervading the whole body.

The whole individual identity has to dissolve in luminosity. Nothing but light. The body has to dissolve in light, the mind has to dissolve in light. The gross, the subtle and the casual consciousness dissolves into light. Merge the entire awareness into the infinite light of luminosity.

See yourself engulfed in surging waves of illumination. Gaze internally into the vast sea of vibration and luminosity which extends in all directions as far as the inner eye can see.

Awaken the inner faculties of consciousness to experience luminosity within. Vibrant, radiant.

The pure energy radiating into infinity.

Let every type of ego-binding simply fall away. There is not binding, there is no bondage in this space. The entire being becomes one with the surging waves of luminosity.

Go deep into the experience of light which is vibrant, which is luminous, which is pure. Bondings have no meanings at present. Be aware of the infinite expanse of light.

Intensify the vision, awareness, and total experience of light. Like a ray of the sun, gradually draw your awareness back from the periphery to the source. The source of light in Manipura chakra. Intensify the awareness more and more. Go to the center, the source of luminosity, of vibrant light. The experience of awareness becomes one with the consciousness in the form of light.

Experience the intensity of light within the self-effulgent space of this void. The entire awareness is engulfed by the radiant shining space of maha akasha. This is the vision you have to experience in all of its luminosity and splendor.

Experience the space. Perceive your entire being as being one with the luminous space of maha akasha.

Continue with this practice for a few moments more. Immerse yourself more and more. Every passing second intensifies the awareness of light, waves of light, radiant all around.

Now, breathe in and chant Om three times. Bring your awareness back to the body, the external environment. Become aware of the solidity of the body. Slowly and gently open your eyes.

Hope you enjoyed this post. Practice this meditation regularly to achieve the maximum benefit. Feel free to share this with your friends, family, and colleagues.

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