Makarasana or Crocodile Pose Benefits and Steps

‘Makr’ means crocodile in Sanskrit. Makarasana is so named because the practitioner assumes the crocodile posture.

Other asanas involve moving the backbone forward and backward, left and right, and in a circular motion. However, the spine is twisted in Makarasana. This is its one and only specialty.

Makrasana or Crocodile Pose Steps

Lie flat on your back. Keep the heels and toes together and bend the legs so that the heels touch the hips.
Spread the hands to the left and right sides, parallel to the shoulders.

Maintain the palms facing the sky.


Begin by inhaling and turning both knees to the right, neck forward to the left, and placing the left ear and knees on the ground.

Return to exhale. Inhale and turn the knees to the left and the neck to the right, placing the right ear and knees on the ground. Return to exhaling.

After you’ve mastered this posture, repeat it slowly on either side in one breath.

Important Points of Makarasana

The important thing to remember here is that the heels and hips should not be separated throughout the entire process of this asana

They must maintain constant contact with one another. Knees must be placed on the ground when they are turned to the left and right.

One foot’s heel and toe must rest on the heel and toe of the other foot and the knee should also be kept fully stretched.

When we twist and stretch our spine to our full capacity, we get the most out of this asana.

Benefits of Makarasana

The spine becomes elastic by twisting the upper and lower parts of the spinal cord in opposite directions.

Ribs and lungs are fortified. It alleviates breathing problems and cures diabetes.
It benefits the left and right sides of the abdominal muscles as well as the colon.

As a result, it helps to prevent constipation while also stimulating the entire naval region and abdominal organs.

Our thighs, knee muscles, and nervous system are strengthened as we bring both heels close to our buttocks.

They become more supple and adaptable.
Our fingers, wrists, elbows, and shoulders are stimulated and resiled when we stretch our arms on either side of our body.

It treats all spinal disorders such as cervical, spondylitis, slip disc, and backache

It normalizes our blood pressure.

Diseases Cured with Makarasana

Back Pain
High Blook Pressure
Neurasthenia or Nervous Weakness
Disorder of Heart

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