6 Yoga Stretches for Lower Back Pain


A back injury not only impacts an individual physically but traumatizes him/her psychologically as well. It can potentially damage one’s self-esteem affect lifestyles, impact social life, lead to depression or worse – abruptly end fledgling careers. Basically, it can change the way a person looks at life. Those who are suffering from these problems, definitely searching for yoga stretches for Lower Back Pain.

Let us understand why people like Yoga in this kind of problem. Yoga and running release ‘happy’ chemicals in our body which generate energy in our body. It generates happy cells in the body. When someone is suddenly deprived of these positive chemicals he/she can be a victim of depression and anxiety. To add to our woes, under these stressful circumstances, more cortisol is secreted in our bodies which increases our sugar cravings and distorts our eating habits. That means we start eating more junk, put on weight, and further depress our already depressed life.


Lower back pain is a common problem for most of the people above 19 or 20 Age. Around 80% of people in the world are suffering a small or big amount of low back pain.

In some cases need not worry it gets rectified itself but in some cases, it becomes serious when pain continues over 3 months. Before we know stretches for lower back, let us know about what is low back pain and its causes.

Lower Back Pain Causes.

There may be several reasons for low back pain and these causes may vary from person to person. Here are a few common reasons for lower back pain.

1  Herniated disk – In other words herniated disk is slip disk and according to Mayoclinic “As you age, your spinal disks lose some of their water content. That makes them less flexible and more prone to tearing or rupturing with even a minor strain or twist.”

2   Due to accident or any kind of Injury in back.

3  Due to lifting heavyweight

4  Spinal Stenosis

5  Vertebral fractures

6  spondylosis

7  Kidney Stone

Low Back Pain Treatment with Yoga Stretches

Here are a few recommendations by Swami Ramdev, If you follow these stretches for lower back pain, no matter how severe is spine pain, you will get rid of it.

Before you start these stretches for lower back pain, let us understand, how to perform them and the gravity of these yoga poses.

While you doing yoga poses, make ensure you have a no sleepy yoga mat, We have written a post, Best Yoga mat review 2020, for your help.

You may read a lot of articles about yoga or watched a lot of videos about yoga asanas and understood that yoga is one of the best natural treatments for maximum diseases in the body.

When you start yoga asanas, do it in a proper environment, with a proper yoga mat, and wear a comfortable yoga dress.

These yoga stretches will help to reduce pain, not only in the low back but also in any part of the body. Just follow the instructions before starting these stretches.

  1.   If you are a beginner, just start the yoga stretches slowly.
  2.  If you are suffering from severe spine pain, do not use too much power while doing these stretches.
  3. Performing the yoga stretches in slow motion, will be more beneficial rather than fast or forcefully.
  4.  Breathing technique is very important while performing the yoga stretches
  5. Morning time is always best to perform poses for lower back pain.
  6. Just perform all stretches, lie down flat on the floor in Shavasana.

These stretches are not only beneficial in lower back pain but there are multiple diseases, herniated disc, spinal diseases, spondylosis, cervical spondylosis, slipped disc pain, sciatica pain,  Ankylosing, that can be cured with these Yoga poses.

Swami Ramdev recommends Kapalbhati Pranayama along with these stretches to make the body toxic-free and remove impurities from the body.

Here are Few Yoga Stretches for Lower Back Pain.

1  Eka Padauttanasana /Single Leg Raised Pose

Eka Pada Uttanasana-stretches for lower back pain
Eka Pada Uttanasana

Single leg raised pose is much beneficial in controlling lower back pain. This pose helps to relieve stiffness of the leg and lower back.

Eka pada utthanasna is one of the best poses in controlling sciatica and lower back pain. Always concentrate only on the body and the route point of pain while performing this asana. Don’t be hurry while performing this pose, do this Yoga asana as per your comfort and slowly because Spine asana always should be performed slowly. The forceful practice may increase problems and pain in the low back.

How to Perform Eka Padauttanasana / Single Raised Leg Pose

Lie flat on the floor with the support of the waist and Lift your right leg up towards the sky on the in-breath. Lift your right leg up towards the sky on the in-breath. Lower the leg back to the ground and out the breath

Use a breath cycle of in and out for a count of six or eight.
Repeat this three more times with both legs.


  • Do not raise the leg to 90 degrees if you are suffering from severe back pain. Because this may increase your back pain if you stretch the leg forcefully.
  • In that case, raise the leg up to 45 or 60 degrees in slow motion.
  • Those who have back problems should not do straight leg lifting and should do it with bent knee instead to avoid increasing strain on the back
  • Do not raise both legs together in spine problem, raise both legs one by one. Keep both hands straight on the ground and deep inhaling while lifting one leg
  • Leave the breath while bringing down the leg on the floor. Repeat this practice with both legs one by one, and repeat at least 3 times for each leg.

2  Ardha Pavanamuktasana

Ardha Pavanamuktasana-stretches for lower back pain
Ardha Pavanamuktasana

Ardha Pavanamukta asana or half spinal twist pose is another yoga poses for back pain.

How to performe Ardha Pavanmuktasana?

Lie down on the floor and turn one leg kneeling keep another leg straight on the floor. Interlock the fingers of both hands and press the bent knee till the chest with both hands. Exhale the breath while pressing the knee inside. Keep the toes stacked downwards while performing this pose.

Leave the knee and straighten the leg on the floor. Take rest for a while and repeat the same process with another leg. Continue this process 3 to 4 times with both legs.

This is the best yoga asana for back pain and for releasing gas from the stomach.

The second pose of Pawanmukti / Winder Releasing Pose

Turn both legs from knees, interlock the fingers of both hands. Hold both knees with both hands and pull then inward and leave the breath outdoor.  Drag the claws downwards.

Both knees should be pressed and put on the chest, but the head should remain on the ground, the head should not be raised above the ground. Then gradually straighten the legs, if you feel  pain in the waist,  straighten the feet  gradually  one by one

These yoga poses known as sciatica stretches and always helpful in spinal cord diseases.

3  Kati Uttanasana

Kati Uttanasana-stretches for lower back pain
Kati Uttanasana

Yoga is the easiest way to make our bodies healthy and fit. Kati-Uthanasana is a very light and easy exercise for lower back pain.

These kinds of Yoga stretches help to get relief from spinal diseases and making the spinal cord powerful.

The study says that people are happier with yoga treatments rather than surgery or unnatural treatments.

How to Perform Kati Utthanasana?

Lie down on the floor, bend both feet, and place both hands on the ground straight.

Your hips and shoulders should be placed on the ground and hands will be stick to the ground.

Waist should be raised slowly from the middle. The raising waist will seem like a bridge shape. There may be an empty gap under the waist while lifting the waist upward from the middle.

Take a deep breath while raising the waist and emptying the breath completely while bringing it down.

The waist should be completely hinged on the ground and again lift the waist from the middle with deep inhaling.

While lifting the waist, hands will feel pressure, shoulder, and hips will be placed on the ground.

This is a very easy practice but understands carefully again, Shoulders should not be raised, hips should not be raised, heads should not be raised.

There will be pressure on hands, only middle part of the waist will be raised upward, The breath will be filled while lifting the waist and it will be released while bringing down the waist.

These stretches for lower back pain seems very easy but are very beneficial. As I have already mentioned, that Swami Ramdev an Indian Yoga Guru has experimented with these techniques on thousands of people in the Yoga seminars. He always says that people who followed these yoga asanas and Yoga treatments, always get good results in health improvements.

4  Markatasana or Monkey Pose

Markatasana -stretches for lower back pain
Markatasana  or Monkey pose

 Markatasana or Monkey pose is one more effective pose to get relief in lower back pain.

How to Perform Markatasana or Monkey Pose?

Lie straight on the floor and spread both hands straight to the shoulders, bend both knees one by one.

Spread both hands parallel to the shoulders, inhaling a deep breath, drop both knees to the right, while doing this, the knee should be placed at each other, heel should be placed on the heel, and ankle should be placed on the ankle. Take the neck on the opposite side of the knees.

After placing a knee on knee, the heel on the heel, ankle on the ankle, fold the leg, filling a deep breath, drop both knees to the right side, and then releasing the breath bring both knees back.

Again repeat the same on the left side. In doing so, Try to place the knees on each other but if not possible, don’t be bothered, do the exercise as per your comfort. The pose should be repeated at least 5 times for better results.

Second Part of Markatasana

Second part of Markatasana-stretches for lower back pain
The second part of Markatasana

Opening both the feet slightly, making a half or one-foot gap between both legs.

Inhale a deep breath and drop both knees on the right side, the left knee should be touching the ankle of the right leg.

Releasing the breath bring both knees back and repeat the same exercise on the left side. While doing this asana, the neck should turn to the opposite side of the knees, and the hands should spread parallel to the shoulders. This is the second pose of Markatasana and is very useful for spine pain.

Swami Ramdev always recommends this yoga for sciatic nerve pain and suggests performing these stretched for at least one month to get better results.

 Third Pose of Markatasana.

 Third pose of Markatasana-stretches for lower back pain
The third pose of Markatasana.

This third pose of markatasana is awesome to boost energy and gives the best stretches to the entire body.

How to Perform the Third Part of markatasana?

Straighten both the legs and lie on the floor. spread both hands parallel to the shoulders,

Raise the right leg upright and drop it to the left side. Try to stretch the right leg so much that it should touch the left hand. Bring the dropped leg back at 90 degrees and put on the floor in slowly.

Turn the neck on the opposite side. Repeat the process with both legs.

This exercise is very beneficial for the spinal cord. Repeat the exercise at least 4 to 5 times.

Forth Pose of Markatasana 

Do this pose if you are not suffering from severe back pain. Avoid this pose in the worst condition of back pain. The practitioner who does this pose regularly will never face any spine problem in the future.

How to Perform Forth pose of Markatasana?

Lie down the straight on the floor and stretch both hands parallel to both shoulders, uplift both legs to the 90°, and drop both legs to the right side. Do the same practice 3 to 4 times in both sides?

5  Merudandasana or Spinal Cord Exercise

Merudandasana-stretches for lower back pain
Merudandasana or spinal cord exercise

Lie down straight and place both feet on each other and spread the hands parallel to the shoulders.

Twist both feet and legs on both sides, Do this practice 3 to 4 times in both side. These Stretches for lower back pain are long-run beneficial for the practitioners.

6  Kandharasana

 Kandharasana-stretches for lower back pain

Fold both knees and hold the ankles of both feet with both hands. Lift the waist from the middle. Raise the hips, shoulders, and waist up and it will take a shape of the bridge.

While raising the waist to fill the breath and then bring it down with releasing the breath. Lie down in the Shavasana for a while and take rest.

Other Helpful Items to Stay Tuned in Life.

A reclusive lifestyle can worsen matters. Stay in touch with your friends and well-wishers which can augment the process of emotional healing. After the recovery, which may take anything between few days to a few weeks, you can resume training once again. This is also another challenging phase as muscles/ligaments/bones/cartilages which get injured render a person physically and emotionally drained.

Give yourself time and work with an expert who can guide you through the process. Don’t be a passive recipient of your recovery and rehabilitation program. Play an active role in this journey. Read and try to know more about your injury and what you can do to go through a successful recovery program. Take one step at a time, setting small but realistic goals.

The biggest stumbling block in your comeback journey is the chance of a re-injury.

So be calm and do not rush your comeback. It takes time and patience to get back to your pre-injury status. Your comeback is a day-by-day, week-by-week journey. “Tough times don’t last, tough people, do.”

Last but not least, Yoga, pranayama, and meditation are the best options in modern life to keep ourselves away from diseases. Few good habits just like sleep early and early riser may beat any deficiencies in life and may help to live a stress-free life.

Please consult with your Dr. if You are suffering from severe disease before starting these poses.