Kapalbhati Pranayama

How to do Kapalbhati Pranayama, Benefits & Precautions


Are you curious to know about Kapalbhati. Perhaps you also want to know why it’s searches are increasing day by day on Google. Today we are going to cover every aspect of this pranayama. And these points will be, what is Kapalbhati, what are the benefits of it, why should one do this pranayama or precautions to be taken while doing it.

We have covered these all above points in our post. You can start this pranayama at home with no investment. Start your pranayama with kapalbhati music.

What is Kapalbhati?

Kapalbhati is an old breathing technique that helps to purify the internal parts of the body. The origin of Kapalbhati is India because in ancient India sages used to balance their body elements using this breathing process. Kapalbhati is a Sanskrit word and made with two joint words “Kapal” and “Bhati” .

When we searched the meaning of these two Sanskrit words and we found that Kapal means “Skull” and Bhati means “Shining”. And the message is clear of these two words that when our body elements are balanced, our face will shine and our energy level will high.

Proven Study on Kapalbhati

Swami Ramdev Case Study On Kapalbhati

Patanjali the research center of Swami Ramve has researched on around 2000 people for this pranayama and found that it controls cholesterol level, reduces weight, and controls sugar level in the body.

He says that this pranayama has different effects according to the rounds counts in every second.

The kapalbhati rounds create different results if these are one round in one second, two rounds in one second, or three rounds in one second.

Deemed University Case Study on Kapalbhati

The Deemed University of Indore has conducted a Kapalbhati study on 30 male students. They divided these students into two groups and started observing the experimental results of this pranayama. This task experiment conducted for 12 weeks and found the amazing result of Kapalbhati. Here is a snapshot of the results.

It is an amazing way to reduce body fat.

How Kapalbhati works ?

Those who want to know the benefits of Kapalbhati will also want to know how Kapalbhati works.

Kapalbhati is a self-healing process in which the emphasis is on forcefully releasing the breath towards the outside. When one practitioner exhales forcefully the stomach goes inside and when the stomach goes inside a heat generates in the entire body.

When practicing this Pranayama with devotion and dedication the magnetic power of Apan Vayu(air) starts ascending from the mid of the spinal cord towards the skull and purifies the cerebellum part of the brain and when the breath is expelled out with greater force, this purifies the cerebrum Sahasrar.


Thus this Pranayama is instrumental in the purification of the entire skull and all that it contains.

Kapalbhati Impact on Five Elements

The signification of this Pranayama becomes all the more clear when the practice of this Pranayama leads to the complete purification of the five elements Earth, Water, Fire, Air, and Ether.

It flushes out the accumulated impure residual air in the lungs, which can not be flushed out by normal exhalation. By its practice, a completely fresh supply of air reaches the lungs.

Due to the large absorption of oxygen, it makes the blood purer and stimulates the normal circulation of blood in the body.

How to Do Kapalbhati? Learn from Mr. Michael Bijker

Kapalbhati generates hit in the body and that hit helps to burn the excess fat in the body. While performing Kapalbhati, practitioner exhale breathe forcefully and belly goes inside, this process burns belly fat.

Before starting Kapalbhati Pranayama, sitting posture is important. If you are not aware of sitting postures, then read my post about “Sitting Postures in Yoga“.

Kapalbhati Benefits

  • It purifies the nerve system in the body
  • It is beneficial in diabetes.
  • Weight loss is possible with this breathing exercise.
  • This pranayama improves the digestion system and the body gets more nutrients from food.
  • Rectifies any kind of physical and hormone imbalance in the body.

Kapalbhati benefits in severe diseases

  • People got benefits in infertility, any kind of stone in the body, kidney stone, gal stone, and stone in the pancreas.
  • Swami Ramdev says that this Pranayama is useful to get rid of Fibroids in Uterus and cyst in Ovary, Polycystic Ovaries, or closed Philippine tube.
  • This is a natural and best Treatment for any kind of sexual disease for men and women and balances the Menstrual of women.
  • It is useful to remove any kind of clots in the body and improves blood circulation by reducing cholesterol levels and increasing HDL levels.
  • This pranayama improves deficiency of bones, blood, chemicals, nutrients, micronutrients, irons, protein, vitamins, Vitamin D, and B-12.
  • It improves the deficiency level of hemoglobin, calcium, endorphin, and improves the energy level in the body, and cures any kind of allergy in the body
  • Kapalbhati is the most beneficial pranayama for obesity, gas, constipation, acidity, colitis, piles, fisher, fistula, and stone.
  • One more Benefit is, It improves the concentration power of children and beneficial for kids who are poor in their studies.
  • Swami Ramdev Recommends this Pranayama for those who are suffering from severe diseases like, AIDS, Cancer.
  • Kapalbhati warms up the body and creates a powerful Aura around the person.
  • It is good for the liver and kidney and they start well functioning in the body.

30 Min Kapalbhati Benefits

While attending Swami Ramdev’s Yoga camp, I was surprised that thousands of people accepted that they got benefited from this Pranayama and reduced their weight from 15 kg to 30 kg with doing this Pranayam only for 30 minutes in a day.

This Pranayama has proved that Natural weight loss is possible only with Kapalbhati Pranayam, rather than taking any harmful chemicals or medicines.

This line is auto explanatory that is written in Art of Living that “Kapal Bhati literally translates to ‘the shining forehead”. People who do Kapalbhati, maintain their face glow beautifully and their brain capacity automatically increases.

Kapalbhati is pranayama for lower back pain, people who are suffering severe lower back pain should perform Kapalbhati in slow motion.

Regular practice of this pranayama will help to rectify the lower back problems even people who are suffering from spinal stenosis are getting benefited from this Pranayama.

It’s difficult to believe for anyone, that Kapalbhati is so effective in weight loss, but “Yes”, this is possible and people accepted that they have reduced their weight only by performing this pranayama.

Kapalbhati Weight Loss Success Stories

I have picked some the live comments about people are accepting that they have reduced weight with performing only this Pranayama for 30 minutes in a day.

These people mentioned special thanks to Swami Ramdev for guiding about this Pranayama and 30 min kapalbhati benefits. Please read the below comments.

Neera Kori  Says “ I lost 5 kg in 70 days. No dieting no starving

Manoj Singh Says “daily losing weight with this pranayama…5kg gone in 10 days…did only for 15 minutes a day…very effective…

Eric Says “Baba ji God bless you. It’s very amazing. I have been doing now for 2 months 10 to 15 minutes daily. I reduced my weight by around 8 kg. Feeling more energetic. Thanks a lot, baba ji 😊

Vikas Upadhayay  “I have reduced my 40 Kg weight  with doing Kapalbhati Pranayam

How Kapalbhati helps in Losing Weight?

This pranayama generates heating in the body system and it dissolves bally as well as body fat. Normally it should perform 30 to 40 minutes for weight loss This benefit is at the top of 30 min kapalbhati benefits list.

Kapalbhati also reduces blood sugar.

Your Kundalini Shakti in your sacrum will get activated, And this power will emit light, and energy will pass through your spine and will activate other chakras of the body.

What is Pranayama?

Pranayama is an important part of Yoga. In other words, if you say that any yoga class is incomplete without pranayama, then it will not be completely wrong here.

The Role of Kapalbhati in all Pranayama

Kapalbhati is one of the important and effective Pranayama or in other words, it is a king in all pranayama.

This pranayam eleminates physical and mental deficiences in the body.

Kapalbhati is an internal breathing exercise for the liver, kidney, uterus, ovary, prostate, and intestine.

Kapalbhati is a breathing technique and it makes our life smooth. There is nothing wrong if someone says that Kapalabhati is not only a Pranayama it is a science of right living.

How Pranayama works?

Pranayama works on each aspect of a person equally whether it is physical, mental, emotional, psychic, or spiritual.

Pranayam is a process of uniting the mind, body, and soul, and the best way of achieving Meditation.

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When I attended Swami Ramdev’s Yoga camps

I have traveled to India a lot of times and attended Swami Ramdev’s Yoga camps. If you are not aware of this great personality, I have explained a little bit about him in the last of this post.

Please read this post till the end. He is a Yoga Guru in India, and he has contributed a lot to spread Yoga all over the world.

Swami Ramdev strongly recommends kapalbhati pranayama in obesity and weight loss. In other words, Kapalbhati is known for weight loss pranayama.

Yoga is becoming familiar in the modern world, If you are planning to start Yoga at home without attending any Yoga class then learn 15 Best Yoga Asanas, which are very easy steps for a beginner.

People who got relief in cancer with Kapalbhati Pranayama

Kingsuk Nandi a student of IIT , Kapnpur ( India) , dissolved his 1.5 kg cancer from the pancreas, only doing with Pranayama and got complete relief from cancer.


He did 8 hours pranayama 4 hours Kapalbhati and 4 hours Anulom Vilom on daily basis.

Jyotsna cured her 3rd stage cancer with regular doing of this Pranayama


What is Best Time to perform Kapalbhati ?

Morning time is best to perform Kapalbhati, just ensure that you have not had any meal 2-3 hours before starting Kapalbhati pranayama.

The best time for this Pranayama is Morning. You need to wake up early in the morning. If you are interested to wake up in the morning, this post will deferentially help you” How to Wake Up Early or Become a Morning Person

Here are separate sitting postures for Kapalbhati

If you can’t spare time in morning then go for evening time.

Drink water empty stomach in the morning and walk for a few minutes and just ensure that the stomach should be flushed properly.

Sit straight in any of this asana as per your comfort, Sukhasana, Sidhasana or Padmasana (Lotus Pose), put your both hands on your knees, and start exhaling, a hissing sound will generate while exhaling the breath.

How Many Times one Should do Kapalbhati?

Normally, people perform Kapalbhati one time in a day, but if someone wants to cure critical disease with Kapalbhati, they can do this pranayama 2 or 3 times in a day with an empty stomach.

Kapalbhati can be performed 15 minutes prior and after drinking water and 2 or 3 hours prior or after a meal. A beginner should perform Kapalbhati In 15 minutes at least 200 rounds and In severe diseases, it should be performed for 30 minutes at least 900 round

Kapalbhati Steps

If you are thinking to start Kapalbhati at home, you can go for that with little bit precautions. Here are few kapalbhati steps to start it at home.

First of all, you should have a Yoga mat, on which you can sit comfortably.

If you don’t have a Yoga mat I recommend the best Yoga mat I have researched and this Yoga mat is “Manduka PRO Yoga Mat “. Dress matters a lot in Yoga sessions, if you are interested to purchase a yoga pant for your comfort, then here is the best yoga pant review post for your help.

Sit in padmasana (lotus pose) at a calm place. Just leave all worries and thoughts and start concentrating on your breaths.

Put your both hands on your knees and take two or three deep breath and exhale.

Now start small – small rounds of exhaling the breath. Focus only on exhaling not inhaling. Exhale only through your nostrils.

In this Pranayama, we have to just exhale the air through the nostrils. When we exhaling air, the stomach goes inside with a deep pressure automatically.

Just exhale the air with full force. Assume that you are throwing air out from your nostrils and throwing out the waste from the body.


How Long to do Kapalbhati

Start this pranayama 30 to 50 round in starting and then increase the round according to your expertise. Stop the process whenever you get tired, If you get tired after doing it for 30 times, then take a rest for 1 minute, and repeat the process again.

Every normal person should complete at least 200 Kapalbhati rounds every day. Do it at least 15 minutes per day.

Kapalbhati Precautions

  • Kapalbhati should perform slowly in case of any problem just like high BP, hernia, weakness, backache. They should perform it one stroke in one second.
  • Avoid Kapalbhati in Menstrual and Pregnancy.
  • Perform this pranayama in the morning time for better results.
  • It should be performed 3 rounds in one second for weight loss purpose, this will generate heats in the body system and will dissolve fats from bally and body.
  • Kapalbhati should be performed 5 minutes as a beginner and increase the time limit.
  • Just concentrate and meditate in the Muladhara chakra while performing Kapalbhati.
  • If you have ulcers or gastric problems, then do it in the advice of a doctor.

Few Words about Yoga Guru Swami Ramdev who Recommends Kapalbhati

Who doesn’t know Swami Ramdev, He gave a new identity to thousands of years old Yoga, Apart from India, he has contributed immensely to bring Yoga door to door to many countries.

In today’s time, the identity of Swami Ramdev is like a business tycoon. Because of the Ayurvedic material created by his company has become famous all over the world


Swami Ramdev
Swami Ramdev

Swami Ramdev is a well-known Yoga Guru in India; he has prepared a research paper on Kapalbhati pranayama covering 2000 people.

Swami Ramdev always recommends wake up early in the morning. But this is possible only if we go to bed early in the evening?.

Question & Answers

How many times kapalbhati should be done?

Start 30 breathing rounds as a beginner and increase it slowly up to 200 rounds in a day. Experts can repeat 1000 rounds according to their capacity.

How much time kapalbhati should be done?

Perform this pranayama with anti stomach and maintain 30 minutes eating gap after and before starting this pranayama. Morning time is best to perform this pranayama. Repeat at least 200 rounds at one time.

How many kapalbhati per day?

It depends on your expertise level. Repeat at least 50 rounds as a beginner and 200 rounds as normal.

Kapalbhati Duration

Stop after every 5 minutes and take a one minutes break and then start again. Do it at least 15 to 30 minutes a day. Do at least 200 rounds of kapalbhati in a day.

Maximum time for kapalbhati

There is no limit for the maximum time of this pranayama, it depends on the capacity level of the participant. The normal maximum time for this pranayama is 15 to 30 minutes to cure any kind of severe disease.