Janushirasana Advantages and Steps

Janu means “knee,” while Sir means “head.” In this asana, the head is placed on the knee and the sole is placed against the thigh.

This asana is also known as ‘Head Knee Posture‘.

As a result, it is known as Janushirasana. It is a prelude to Paschimothasana. It is important in resolving problems in the area of the body below the navel known as the pelvic region.

Janushirasana is a sitting posture; if you want to learn more about other sitting postures such as Padmasana, Mandookasana, Garudasana, and Sukhasana, click on the link provided.

How to do Janushirasana

To begin this asana, sit on your yoga mat with both legs spread out in front of you.
Bend your left knee and place it comfortably on the ground on the outside.
Pull the toe of the left foot inwards and try to make contact with the thigh of the right leg.
If you are unable to hold the claw of your right foot with both hands, insert a flexible belt into the claw and pull it inward with both hands before slowly turning the body forward.


Repeat the process with the other leg using the same method.
Now bring the right leg in and stretch the left leg out to the side.
Stretch the claws inwards gently. Extend your waist after inhaling once. Exhale, then bend forward. Make a ring with two fingers of your hand and the first two fingers of your right foot.
Inhale again and pull your shoulders back.
Then, while inhaling, try to keep your thigh close to your chest and your face on your legs in relaxation mode.
Inhale and exhale three to five times in this position. Take less time inhaling and more time exhaling.
Then, inhaling, raise your right leg and relax for a few moments.

Janushirasana Benefits

  • It eliminates reproductive cell disorders.
  • It is very effective in treating gastric problems, urinary obstructions, and intestine heat.
  • It has a positive impact on the sciatic nerve.
  • The spine becomes more flexible.
  • It works on the back muscles and nadis, as well as the ankles, calves, thighs, and knees.
  • All seminal disorders have been resolved.
  • This asana will be extremely beneficial to diabetic patients. It reduces the amount of sugar in the urine.
  • Finally, it strengthens Pran Shakti (Life), which improves digestion.

Janushirasana Precautions

  • The pose should not be performed if the person has diarrhea.
  • Asthmatics should only perform this pose under the supervision of a Yoga Teacher.
  • Avoid this asana if you have cervical problems.

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