How to Wake Up Early

How to Wake Up Early or Become a Morning Person


Waking up early is not everyone’s cup of tea. Most people wander around like a zombie when they wake up and keep wandering around like zombies until they have had 3 cups of tea.

Waking up early has never been easy for anyone but if you really want to become a morning person, you will really have to work on a few things and take a few considerations in account. Firstly, you will have to reset your sleep cycle and develop waking habits that are effective.

Lifestyle of an Early Riser

Lifestyles changes go a long way if you want to become a morning person. Incorporating cardiovascular workouts in your routine can really help you wake up when you are down. Moreover, on the contrary if you workout during the afternoon, you are more likely to sleep at a reasonable time than when you are not.

In order to go cardio, you must go to the gym or join the basketball team or Join Yoga. You should also try to run a few on the treadmill as it will allow you to sleep much better.

Exercising at night is also a no go. It is vital for you to exercise during the morning or the afternoon. Exercising late at night can really increase the core temperature of the body and might really be detrimental to your sleep.

No to Big Meals, for get up Early

Always make sure you say no to big meals before bedtime. Eating late at night may really cause you to have a hard time in sleeping at night. This is not just bad for your waist; it will make you gain a lot of pounds on that particular area but it will generally also be bad for your energy the next day. When you sleep, your digestion really slows down and having a big meal before you sleep can cause a great heart burn which is again detrimental for your health. Going to sleep in a food coma like state may really make it extremely difficult for you to sleep so in all cases, you must avoid it if you want to get up early.

Mentally Prepare Yourself

You need to mentally prepare yourself before going to bed every night if you want to waking up early. Make a mental note regarding the fact that you have to get up early. Run the morning routine through your head so that you, beforehand, have a game plan for the day. If you already have a plan you will not have to think about it at all.

No Napping After 7 Hours

If you have already had 7 hours of sleep during the night, you must not at all costs ensure that you are sleeping more than that. A lot of people I know tend to sleep during the day as well after they have slept all night but this again is not a good sign at all. Sleeping for 7 hours will really mess with your overall sleep schedule and it will really cause you to sleep late and then get involved in the same trap all over again of waking up late.

A Heavy Lunch Might Just Do the Trick

Another important thing that you might want to consider is that you must try to eat a big lunch. According to Dr. Kenny Pang, an ENT who specializes in sleep disorders, eating a big lunch can really help your metabolism and allow you to sleep much better at night and can help to waking up early in the next morning.

Wake Your Senses

After you have gotten out of bed, you must give yourself some me time. You can get that me time by sipping coffee or tea or you can go for a cold shower or a nice shower overall. Whatever it might be, you must ensure that it awakens your senses. A cold shower can really help you wake up or awaken your senses as well. Once your mind and body are stimulated, you will not find a problem in waking up at all.

Lights and sounds both work well as well when you are talking about waking up early. In addition to taste, touch and smell, these three work wonders in getting your system started. To get your morning routine started, open the curtains switch on music and get your day started. If your mornings are good, rest assured, the rest of the day will be too.

Set Your Alarm to Your Favorite Music

Another trick that works for me is setting your alarm to your favorite music. Setting your alarm to your favorite music can really help you waking up early in the morning. By the time the music will finish playing, your eyes will be wide awake and you will be able to get up well.

Set Multiple Alarms

Most phones these days allow you to set up multiple alarms. When the first alarm rings, you can always set it up and put it on snooze again only to wake up again to another alarm. When the next one rings, you can again switch it off and get up again. This is basically one trick that does wonders for me. By the time your second or third alarm goes off, you will be wide awake.

No to Caffeine at Night

You must also say no to caffeine at night if you want to get up. Caffeine and alcohol both fall in the same boat so you have to ensure that you say no to both stimulants if you want to wake up early. Both of these stimulants are bad for your health as well as your sleep. They affect your sleep as well as the quality of it which really impinges your ability to get up in the morning.

Drink Water and Meditate

Once you are up, drink a glass of water and meditate. Learning meditation is not a big deal. A whole glass of water can make you feel more awake and meditation for three minutes can also help you achieve the same. Just meditate and do nothing. You can also practice writing or exercising for a bit after waking up as it will make you feel more wide awake.