Morning Routine

How Morning Routine helps to be more attractive in the Day?


Without morning routine, our life becomes overwhelmed. Every morning the alarm clock annoying buzz lifts us.

We jumped from the bed to the floor, we headed to the bathroom with glued eyelids, dress with the first thing we take from the closet and ran out the door without taking a bite because we are late for work and that reason we need morning routine every day.

Additionally, although the night is the time when we rest and recover from the previous day, many times we woke up with worst face that we had before going to bed.

 Do you know that a successful morning routine is one of the major contributors to living a happy life? The moment you open your eyes and your brain activates, it quickly plans out the attitude you’ll be having towards the day.

A few hours into the day and you’ll obviously start feeling either positive or negative about the day that lies ahead. Energy levels decline by mid morning and therefore so do your positive intake on the day. So what should you do?

To combat such a situation, you need to have a morning routine that will help you plan ahead and stay positive throughout. Here’s how you can create a successful morning routine for yourself:

Always Plan Ahead-

Before getting into bed killed by fatigue, spend five minutes thinking and planning for morning routine. Be sure that you have cleared out items on your priority list at least a day before you have to work on them.

Think through about the day that lays ahead and focus on your priority list and what you have to do the next morning. Place tasks on your to-do list as per their urgency.

Things that aren’t important can take the last spot. If you will be heading out for work, are there any errands that you can mark off your list while you’re on the go? Preparing ahead will enable you to make out a schedule.

How to Make Morning Routine Successful

Creating a list for morning routine and implementing it in real life, both are different things. Almost everyone makes their planning for next day whether it is in written or none written. But execution of this is not everyone’s cup of tea. It is possible with only strong will power and dedications. However here are some help items which can help to implementing morning routine in real life.

Morning routine definitely protects your face glow and energy for entire day. Here are some tips that may help you to looking gorgeous in the morning.

How to Look Gorgeous in the Mornings?

Start planning for small to small activities in previous night before going to bed, what clothes will you wear? What are you going to breakfast? Are you going to take the bus or use your car? And even, what do you have to do at work early? Although it may seem a tiresome activity to do when all you want is to go to sleep, it will avoid rushing, stressing and risking not having time enough to at least get dressed properly, make-up or have a good breakfast.

Get Good Sleep-

This is essential because only when you are well-rested, you’ll be able to wake up on time and give some time to yourself. If you can, go for a morning walk, meditate yoga or pranayama early in the morning. Spending some quality time alone will help you relax and get refreshed for the day ahead.

Eat Healthy-

Once you’re up, spend time cleaning up. After you’re fresh and clean, fill yourself up with a healthy breakfast. A full breakfast early in the day prepares you for peak performance throughout so never ever skip on that.

DO NOT pick up your phone and start answering calls, emails or texts first thing in the morning. If you do that, you’ll end up rearranging your day and marking out items on your priority list less important, accommodating others. Which isn’t a good idea at all?

Morning Routine Help Items

Morning routine is possible with positive attitude and positive attitude is possible with good habits. Here are few good habits that may help in order to wake up in good conditions and with gorgeous face, you should avoid taking too much salt during dinner. Salty and strong food promotes dehydration of your body.

Another good practice is to rinse your face with warm water before going to sleep, especially if you use make-up, but also if you don’t. This will remove dead skin and prevent the pores to get obstructed letting pimples and blemishes to appear. After washing your face, be sure to apply moisturizer cream so your skin gets nourished all night.

Get plenty of sleep.

You should aim for at least six to eight hours of sleep every night to make your face gorgeous. Avoid drinking alcohol and exciting drinks such as coffee or tea in order to have a restorative sleep. If you don’t allow your body to rest enough, your eyes may start developing dark circles and heavy bags, making you appear tired upon waking.

Best Sleeping Position for Attractive Face

When you sleep on your side or on your stomach, you are more likely to get those undesirable facial lines, as well as under eyes bags and swollen face doe to the pressure and weight of your head. Try to sleep on your back instead and say bye to facial lines.

Wake up Earlier

Feeling comfortable with our appearance is a good to strengthen our security and self-esteem.  Spend a little more time to make your morning routine, properly choose your clothes, and prepare your hair and make-up in order to feel satisfied with your appearance.

It is not a good practice wake up rushing as the alarm rings and to start your day with stress, neither to snooze the alarm few minutes more in order to stay in the bed few more minutes. This will make you feel lazy and demotivated for the rest of the day.

Getting up earlier allows us to start the day more calmly. Additionally, this extra time will give you the opportunity to follow a morning routine to make us feel happier, some stretching or yoga to boost our energy and get rid of stiffness.

Have a morning Shower

Showering in the morning will make you feel clean and fresh. It also helps to clear your head and awaken your mind definitely, telling our body that we are ready for a new day. In addition, if you alternate cold water with hot water, stimulating your blood circulation.

Now, following these morning routine and beauty tips you will, definitely, be able to wake up looking gorgeous every morning!