Halasana -Plough Pose Steps and Benefits

The body posture in this asana resembles that of a plough. Thus the name Halasana. This asana’s main focus is on the spine, which is stretched to its maximum capacity. Many glands are stimulated in addition to the spine.

The important thing to remember in this posture is that the legs should remain straight throughout the asana. Heels and toes should not be separated.


The toes should be fully stretched throughout, with no jolts or jerks in between. When we stretch our feet beyond the head, we should continue to slide them closer to the ground.

The stretch of the hands and arms should not be relaxed. Bring the back and legs back slowly, keeping the body under perfect control.

However, the legs and feet must be straight, and the toes and heels must stay together and fully stretched. Relax only after your heels have touched the ground.

Halasana or Plough Pose Steps

Lie flat on your back, straighten your arms, and bring your toes and heels together.

Extend your toes forward. The palms will be facing down. Keep your arms by your sides, parallel to your body. Maintain a fully stretched body.

Plough Pose

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Slowly raise the legs together while inhaling. Exhale and press your palms to the floor, then raise your legs beyond your head until they are parallel to the floor.

Step forward with your legs until your toes touch the ground. The waist will remain slightly raised from the ground in this pose. Take a step forward with your toes.

The chin should be in contact with the throat lock. The hands will stick to the ground, bringing the arms closer together. Maintain the posture for as long as it is comfortable.

halasana pose

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By being extremely cautious when returning to the original position. Bring the leg very slowly until they rest on the ground, balancing the weight of the body on the palms and resting each vertebra of the spine on the ground.

The slower the spine is brought to the ground, the more flexible it will become.

When the back is resting on the floor, slowly lower the feet to the ground and place the heels on the floor gently and comfortably. The slow downward movement of the legs will greatly benefit the abdomen. Relax the entire body in response.

Vishudhi Chakra is the focus of attention.

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Halasana – Plough Pose Benefits

  1. In this pose, the spine is stretched up to three inches longer than its length. It becomes more resilient and healthy as a result. It also contributes to body lengthening.
  2. Because the bones do not release calcium, they are free of faulty holes and rigidity. Furthermore, this asana aids in the supply of adequate blood to the bones.
  3. This asana contracts all of the glands, including the thyroid, parathyroid, kidneys, spleen, liver, pancreas, adrenal, seminal, and others. They are expanded when we return to the original position. These glands are thus internally benefited.
  4. All of the nerves connected to the spine and the muscles are stimulated in such a way that one is completely relieved of fatigue by stretching the spinal cord. The body becomes both relaxed and energized.
  5. Because the lungs are pressed from within, they release the most carbon dioxide. When we return to the starting position, they are filled with fresh oxygen, which stimulates their functional capacity.
  6. The flow of blood is directed towards the coronary vessel in the final position of this asana. This feeds the heart while keeping its shape as small as possible.
  7. It gains luster due to the flow of blood towards the face. The pressure on the throat will improve the vocal cord’s function.
  8. The pressure applied to the palms and arms relieves the hand’s shivering and strengthens the shoulders.
  9. Because all of the organs in the abdomen are pressed inside, they become stronger. Diabetes is cured due to its effect on the pancreas. It relieves gastric discomfort and constipation.
  10. All of the muscles in the body, from the toes to the buttocks, are toned and benefited.
  11. This asana can also help you lose weight.
  12. It eliminates sterility.

Diseases Cured by Halasana

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