Crocodile Attack at a Lion -12 Crocodile Attackes Captured

The crocodile is one of the most powerful predators on Earth, with its large, powerful jaws and bone-crushing bite. They are known for their stealth and ability to ambush their prey, making them one of the deadliest animals in the world. In this video, we witness some of the most incredible crocodile attack moments in the wild.

12 Crocodile Dangerous Scenes

In the first scene, a crocodile sneaks up on an unwary warthog and grabs it with its powerful jaws, dragging it into the water. The second scene shows a crocodile bursting out of the water with incredible force, snatching an impala drinking at the edge of a water hole.

crocodile and lion fight

In the third scene, a crocodile is about to eat a dead hippo, but an unaware lion is lurking nearby. The crocodile chases off the lion, unwilling to share its meal. In the fourth scene, a jaguar stalks a Cayman crocodile resting on the shore of a lake, grabbing it with its powerful jaws and taking it out with a bone-crushing bite.

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The fifth scene shows a Nile crocodile launching a surprise attack and snatching a pigeon with incredible speed. In the sixth scene, we witness the incredible ability of a crocodile to generate electricity and deliver shots of approximately 860 volts, making it a lethal predator.

lion and crocodile story

In the seventh scene, a crocodile takes out one of Africa’s largest herbivores, the wildebeest, by submerging underwater and lunging at the wildebeest with incredible force. The crocodile’s bite force of up to 3700 pounds per square inch is the strongest of any animal in the world.

In the eighth scene, we witness an epic battle between two of the top predators in Africa, lions and crocodiles. The casual encounter turns into a battle of the Titans. The ninth scene shows a Thompson gazelle trying to cross a river full of hungry crocodiles, a mistake that proves fatal.

crocodile and lion

In the tenth scene, a tiger charges at a huge crocodile and manages to defeat it with incredible power and hunting skill. The eleventh scene shows a saltwater crocodile, the largest and most powerful of all crocodiles, grabbing a feral pig rinsing in the water with its enormous jaws and delivering a bone-crushing bite that takes it out instantly.

In the twelfth scene, African elephants drinking at the edge of a river get the surprise of their life when a crocodile grabs the trunk of an elephant and tries to drag it into the water. Ultimately, the elephant manages to shake off the crocodile by stabbing it with its enormous sharp tusks.

In the final scene, a pack of wild dogs harass a crocodile and chase it away. But the crocodile is not done yet. It waits patiently underwater and then bursts out of the water with incredible force, grabbing a wild dog with its huge powerful jaws and carrying it away.


The crocodile is a deadly predator with incredible strength, speed, and hunting skills. These incredible moments captured in the wild remind us of the power of nature and the importance of respecting the natural world.

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