Brahma Mudra Steps and Benefits

Brahma Mudra generates wonderful energy in our bodies, which is then transmitted throughout the body, increasing immunity. The shoulders, neck, and hand muscles are relaxed by performing this mudra.

Because our heads rotate on four sides in Brahma mudra asana, it is known as Brahma Mudra.

Although this mudra has been discussed briefly previously, you will learn more about Brahma mudra in this post.

How to Perform Brahma Mudra

To begin, sit in any posture such as Padmasana, Sukhasana, Vajrasana, or Siddhasana. Place both hands on your knees with the palms of your hands facing the sky.

After that, place your thumb on the little finger’s root, fold all four fingers, and gently press the thumb on the root point. Make this mudra with both hands in this manner. After that, bring both hands together and press inwards.

Brahma Mudra

Close your eyes and concentrate on your breathing.

The neck movement must now be performed in this position. Take a breath and slowly move your neck to the right to perform the neck movement.

Exhale slowly and bring your neck to the center. 

brahma mudra images

Inhale again and turn the neck to the left slowly.

Exhale now and bring your neck to the center.

Inhale once more and bend the neck backward.

Exhale once more and bring your neck to the center.

Inhale again, bend your neck forward, and place your china on your chest.

Exhale and position the neck in the center.

Repeat this process at least 9 to 12 times.

Brahmamudra Advantages

  • This mudra alleviates neck pain.
  • Brahmamudra is used to treat cervical and spondylitis problems.
  • By performing this mudra, the lungs’ capacity increases and they become stronger.
  • The person’s immunity is strengthened by performing this mudra.
  • If you have pain in your hands as a result of neck pain, try this mudra.
  • The blood circulation in the neck is improved by performing this mudra.
  • This mudra can help to calm the mind.
  • There is relief from insomnia and anxiety when performing Brahmamudra.
  • This mudra restores the body’s psycho-somatic balance.
  • The brain power is increased by performing this mudra.
  • This mudra also increases spiritual power.

How Does Brahma Mudra Work?

Our entire body is made up of five elements: ether, air, earth, water, and fire.

Many diseases enter our bodies when any of these five elements become imbalanced. These five elements can also be found in our fingers. 

The fire element is represented by the thumb, the air element by the index finger, the ether element by the middle finger, the earth element by the ring finger, and the water element by the little finger.

When we make the posture of the hands in Brahma mudra, the thumb, which is the fire element, crosses the four elements, causing the four elements to mix with the fire element and creating balance. 

Through Brahmamudra and other mudras such as Shambhavi Mudra, Maha Mudra, and Gyan Mudra, we can control all five elements.

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