10 Biggest Snakes Ever Found in The World

Snakes have always had this captivating yet scary presence, intriguing and frightening humans for ages. Imagine a world with over 600 kinds of venomous snakes; it’s no wonder they’ve gained such a formidable reputation.

In this blog, we’re diving into incredible stories of some of the biggest snakes ever found. From enormous anacondas to massive pythons, these tales show us the importance of sharing our world with these creatures and showing them respect in their own homes.

Yellow Anaconda in Altamira, Brazil:

In the caves of Altamira, Brazil, construction workers stumbled upon a monster – a 33-foot, 400-kilogram yellow anaconda.

First biggest snake

This snake, although not venomous, was undoubtedly dangerous. It’s a reminder that we should approach these giants with caution, even when they’re not deadly.

 Indian Python in Penang Island, Malaysia

 Over in Penang Island, Malaysia, construction workers found a colossal 26-foot Indian python at their work site.

second biggest snake

While they managed to capture it, the snake sadly passed away three days later, possibly due to injuries from being kicked. This story reminds us that we must respect these creatures, even when we encounter them in our urban environments.

Burmese Python in Florida

Florida’s swamps have been invaded by Burmese pythons, causing chaos in the ecosystem.

third biggest snake

An 18-foot, 63.5-kilogram Burmese python was captured, shedding light on the challenges these non-native snakes pose to Florida’s wildlife.

Reticulated Python in Kansas City

 Kansas City witnessed the presence of Medusa, a colossal 25.2-foot, 158-kilogram reticulated python, making her the longest snake in captivity. Medusa’s story showcases the incredible size and strength of these creatures while emphasizing the importance of responsible ownership.

forth biggest snake

In these tales, we see how fascinating and sometimes dangerous our encounters with giant snakes can be.

playing with snakes

It’s a reminder of the rich diversity of our natural world and the importance of coexisting peacefully with these awe-inspiring creatures, even when they are among the largest on Earth.

Scrub Python in Queensland, Australia

Australia is famous for its incredible wildlife, and sometimes, it includes creatures that can be pretty dangerous. One such creature is the scrub python, which can grow up to a whopping 25 feet long.

fifth biggest snake

But seeing one that size is rare. Two folks working in the Queensland rainforest in Australia had a surprise encounter with a 16-foot scrub python. At first, they thought it was just a fallen tree branch, but it turned out to be this massive snake! This story reminds us that Australia’s wildlife can be full of surprises.

Boa Constrictor in North Carolina

Imagine going to your favorite Red Lobster restaurant in North Carolina and finding a 22-foot boa constrictor in the woods behind it!

sixth biggest snake

Boa constrictors are actually from South America, so finding one in North Carolina was a big surprise. It’s a reminder that sometimes exotic pets escape or are let loose into the wild, which can be a bit risky.

Diamondback Rattlesnake in Florida

 Florida is known for its amazing wildlife, but it also has its share of dangerous critters, like the venomous diamondback rattlesnake.

seventh biggest snake

These snakes are not the friendliest – they’ll stand their ground and even rattle to warn you if they’re upset. In one case, a person recorded a huge diamondback rattlesnake in Florida. It’s a good reminder to be careful when you’re in snake territory.

Congo Giant Snake – The Unforgettable Sighting

 Imagine flying over the Congo in Africa and seeing a massive snake emerging from a hole! That’s what happened to a Belgian pilot named Colonel Remy von Leard in 1959.

ninth biggest snake

He estimated that this snake was nearly 50 feet long! He even managed to take some photos of this giant. Experts think it might have been an anaconda. This story is so famous because it’s one of the most reliable reports of an enormous snake ever. It’s pretty mind-blowing!


 Meeting these giant snakes is a reminder that we share our planet with some incredible creatures. They’re fascinating, but they can also be dangerous if we don’t respect their space. By learning about and living alongside these animals, we can help protect our world’s amazing biodiversity and ensure that both humans and wildlife stay safe.

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