Why Big Dogs are the Ultimate Companions-10  Big DOG BREEDS In The World

When it comes to picking a furry buddy, big dogs often steal the show. These gentle giants have something special that makes them amazing companions for lots of dog lovers. Let’s break down why big dogs are such great pals in simple terms.

They’re always there for you

 Big dogs are known for being really loyal and loving to their owners. They’re like your furry shadow, following you everywhere with a wagging tail. If they sense something strange or scary, they’ll bark or growl to let you know.

They’re great with kids

 Big dogs are like big play buddies for children. They’re usually patient and don’t mind rough play. Plus, having a big dog around can make kids feel safe and less worried.

Easy to teach

Big dogs are smart and eager to make you happy, which makes them easy to train. You can teach them all sorts of things, from basic stuff like sitting to cool tricks.

Perfect exercise partners

 If you’re into staying active, big dogs are like your fitness buddies. They love going for walks, runs, and hikes. You can also train them to play games like fetch. Exercising with your big dog is a fun way to stay healthy.

They can do a lot

Big dogs are like all-around helpers. Some work on farms, helping with sheep. Others guide people who can’t see well, or they even assist the police. Some big dogs become therapy dogs, bringing comfort to people in need. And they can even compete in dog sports like running through obstacle courses or showing off their obedience skills.

10  Big DOG BREEDS In The World

Do you love big dogs? Well, we’ve got some really, really big dog breeds to introduce you to. These pups are some of the largest dogs on the planet. They may look intimidating because of their size, but most of them are big softies at heart. Let’s take a closer look at these gigantic furballs.

Caucasian Shepherd Dog

These dogs come from Russia, and they were made to protect really big animals like cows. They’re about as tall as a 30-inch ruler! Even though they look tough, they can be as sweet as your grandma’s cookies.

The Caucasian Shepherd Dog, also known as the Caucasian Ovcharka, is a remarkable and ancient breed known for its impressive size and guarding abilities.

spanish massive

 They were originally bred to protect livestock from predators, including bears, wolves, and coyotes.

Their loyalty and protective instincts make them excellent guard dogs and companions for experienced owners. While they may appear fierce, they are often gentle and loving with their families.

The Caucasian Shepherd’s imposing stature and fearless nature make it a breed highly regarded for guarding and protecting both livestock and homes.


These guys are from Hungary, and they’re also about 30 inches tall. They’re like big teddy bears, but they’re really good at protecting stuff. They’re friendly with kids and even help out the police and army sometimes.


The Kuvasz dog is a magnificent and old breed that originally comes from Hungary. They’re famous for being quite big and protective.

They have a kind and gentle nature, which means they’re fantastic pets, especially for families with kids. Kuvasz dogs are smart and devoted, so they really bond with their owners.

 In the past, they even worked with the Hungarian police and army, showing how versatile and dependable they are. With the right training and socializing, Kuvasz dogs can be friendly and loving, perfect for people who want a loyal and protective furry friend.

Black Russian Terrier

These dogs were created in the Soviet Union. They’re around 30.7 inches tall, so they’re pretty big. They do important jobs like finding drugs and keeping bad guys away. Surprisingly, they can be calm and even a bit lazy.

The Black Russian Terrier, also known as BRT, is a strong and sturdy dog that originally comes from the Soviet Union.

Black Russian Terrier

They were made by mixing a bunch of other big dog breeds, like Giant Schnauzers, Rottweilers, Newfoundlands, and Caucasian Shepherds. This combo gives them a lot of physical power.

They’re good at jobs like finding drugs and explosives or guarding places. Even though they look tough, they’re actually pretty chill, confident, and can sometimes be a bit stubborn and lazy. They’re great pals for folks who know how to handle their protective side.

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playing with snakes

Neapolitan Mastiff

You might remember this dog from Harry Potter. They can be as tall as a yardstick! They were trained to fight lions and tigers, but now they’re more into guarding homes. Don’t be scared by their looks; they’re loving pets.

The Neapolitan Mastiff is a really big and unique breed that comes from ItalyA long time ago, people used them to protect against really scary animals like lions, bears, and even tigers.

Neapolitan Mastiff

Nowadays, they’re like super guardians for homes and farms. Even though they might look a bit scary, Neapolitan Mastiffs are actually very sweet and loyal to their owners. One thing to keep in mind, though, is that they drool a lot. So, if you’re okay with that and you have enough space and love to give, they’ll be your best buddies.


 These dogs have black and white fur and are 31.4 inches tall. They love swimming, and they’ve saved a lot of people from drowning. They’re smart, always alert, and they make great therapy dogs.

The Landseer dog is a stunning breed that’s famous for its black and white fur, which actually inspired a well-known English painter named Edwin Landseer.

land Seer

These dogs are pretty big, standing at about 31.4 inches tall and weighing around 176.3 pounds. What’s really cool about them is how much they love the water – they’re fantastic swimmers and have even rescued people from drowning.

 Landseer dogs aren’t just brave; they’re also smart, alert, and quick thinkers when they need to be. But keep in mind, they’re active dogs, so they need lots of playtime and mental challenges to stay happy and healthy.

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ninth biggest snake


These dogs are named after a lion. They’re 31.5 inches tall. Leonbergers are playful, friendly, and were even liked by some famous kings and leaders. They need a big yard and some grooming.

The Leonberger is an impressive and affectionate breed originating from Germany. These dogs are known for their loyalty, playfulness, and gentle nature.


They can reach a towering height of 31.5 inches at the shoulder, making them quite a presence. Historically, Leonbergers were created as a tribute to the lion on the town’s coat of arms, though they don’t quite match up to a real lion! Despite their size, they’re wonderful family dogs, once favored by royalty like Napoleon III and King Edward VII.

To keep a Leonberger happy, they need a spacious yard, regular grooming, and lots of love and attention.


Borzois are elegant and really fast. They’re from Russia and used to hunt wolves. They can be almost 38.8 inches tall, and they’re pretty calm and independent. Good news: they don’t smell bad.

The Borzoi is a magnificent and speedy dog breed hailing from Russia. These elegant canines were once favored by Russian nobility, including the Grand Duke Nikolai Nikolayovich, for hunting Siberian wolves.


They stand tall at a maximum height of 33.8 inches and boast incredible speed and strength. Borzois are independent and not clingy, making them a great choice for those who value some personal space.

What’s more, they have a lovely coat and don’t give off unpleasant odors, so they’re relatively low-maintenance. To keep them happy, provide a spacious bed, regular grooming, and, of course, plenty of exercise for this athletic breed.

Great Dane

Great Danes are known for being in movies and TV shows. Some of them are as tall as a grown-up person! They’re patient and great with families. But watch out; they might take over your couch!

The Great Dane, often called the “gentle giant,” is an enormous and lovable dog breed. These dogs are known for their colossal size, with some individuals reaching heights of 35 inches at the shoulder.

Great Dane

They’ve even earned a Guinness World Record for the tallest living dog. Despite their imposing stature, Great Danes are gentle, friendly, and great with families. They might look intimidating, but they’re actually big softies.

These dogs need proper care, including a large food intake, regular exercise, and attention to prevent obesity. If you can handle their size, a Great Dane will be a loyal and affectionate companion.

Saint Bernard

Saint Bernards are famous for helping lost travelers in the mountains. They’re about as heavy as two grown-up people. They’re gentle and patient, especially with kids. Just be ready for lots of cleaning and feeding.

The Saint Bernard dog is famous for its massive size, with some individuals weighing up to 180 pounds. Originating from the Swiss Alps, they were originally bred for rescue work, saving lost travelers in the mountains.

Saint Bernard

These dogs are gentle giants, known for their patience and kindness, especially with children. However, their size can be overwhelming, and they require a significant amount of food and exercise. Regular care, including ear cleaning and preventing heat strokes, is essential.

If you can manage their needs, Saint Bernards make wonderful, loving family pets, and their history as rescuers adds to their legendary status.

English Mastiff

And the winner for the biggest dog breed is the English Mastiff! They can be as tall as 37 inches, which is really, really tall for a dog. They used to be fierce protectors, but now they’re sweet and loving. Just be prepared for their huge size and loud barks.

The English Mastiff is the king of giant dog breeds. Originating from the United Kingdom, they have a rich history and were once used as fierce guards and war dogs.

English Mastiff

Despite their intimidating size, English Mastiffs are known for their calm, patient, and sweet nature, especially towards children.

They do require a lot of care, including a substantial amount of food and exercise, and owners need to handle their immense size. If you’re up for the challenge, you’ll have an incredibly loyal and loving companion in the English Mastiff.


These giant dogs might seem a bit overwhelming because of their size, but they’re actually big softies. If you have the space and love to give, one of these enormous dogs could be the perfect furry friend for you.

They might need a bit more care because of their size, but their loyalty and affection make them amazing companions. So, if you’re a fan of big dogs, consider one of these gentle giants for your next four-legged family member!

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