Bhramari Pranayama Benefits and Steps

Bhramari Pranayama -The Sanskrit word “Bhramar,” which means “bee,” is whence the word “Bramri” originates. When performing Rechak in this Pranayama, the sound of a bee buzzing is produced.


Thus, “Bharmari Pranayama” was formed. This Pranayama is actually a spiritual workout because it is crucial for spiritual growth. Although its method is pretty straightforward. In order to reach the more advanced stage of meditation, it is a very powerful sort of pranayama.

Bhramari Pranayama Steps

  • Sit in the lotus position or any comfortable asana.
  • Maintain a straight spine and neck. gently close your eyes.
  • Use your thumbs to close both years.
Bharamri Pranayama
  • Place the last two fingers on the lips and the first two on the eyes.
  • Breathe in slowly through your nose to fill your lungs with air.
  • Now slowly exhale through your nostrils to create the Bhramar buzzing sound. One round only.
  • Increase the round gradually. Once you have mastered this Pranayam technique, exhale and perform Antrik Kumbhak.
  • The buzzing will be more rhythmic and efficient in this manner. Take three or four rounds at first, and then progressively increase.

Important points for Bhramri Pranayam

Pay attention to the buzzing noise.
Buzzing needs to have a rhythm.
Before breathing in during the final round, take the thumbs out of your ears.

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Bhramari Pranayama Benefits

  • All of the brain’s veins and tissues are stimulated by inhaling through the nostrils while producing a buzzing noise.
  • Brain disorder-related illnesses including epilepsy and sleeplessness are treated.

Bhramari Pranayama Explained by Michael Bijker

  • Bone marrow and blood are cleansed.
  • It gives semen cleanliness, and once it has been purified, it moves upward in the direction of Bhramari Randhr.
  • It improves vocal cord tone and improves the quality of our sound.
  • Our breathing becomes smooth and constant.
  • The capacity for mental concentration is increased.
  • The Bharamari Pranayama practitioner begins to hear a variety of soft, delicate noises after succeeding in it.
  • This pranayama is particularly useful for practitioners who want to succeed in samadhi.

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