What is the Bhagavad Gita?

The bhagavad gita is one of the most important religious books of the Hindus all over the world. It does occupy a prominent place among the scriptures. It contains quotes which when gone through helps the confused mind to move on the right path. It also propagates words of wisdom. Those eager to derive pearls of wisdom can avail knowledge imparted by it.

What gita all about?

The drama revolving this book is about a confused Arjuna, considered to be the greatest warrior prince. He seeks valuable advice from Lord Krishna his charioteer on the battlefield.

Bhagavad Gita

All his doubts are clarified by Lord Krishna by stating world principles. Going through the book is sure to solve many of our daily faced problems in present times. Many world leaders even from the western countries have been greatly inspired by this religious & highly spiritual book.

What are its teachings?

  • Mortal human is faced with hardship. Don’t panic or shirk in fear. Rather stand your ground and fight till the last. Every human being is created in a different way. In other words, every person is a ‘Masterpiece’. Some actions might derive negative results, which should be overcome and not run away out of fear. Limitations and restrictions are rather the results of expectations & unknown fears.
  • According to bhagavad gita teachings, focus on your set goal in life and not the end result. It is work that you need to emphasize upon and perform it sincerely. But it does require you to prepare hard for the role. Improve yourself with every opportunity and learning you get. Never shy away from work by simply daydreaming about rewards and perks that come with the job. Being focuses helps you to achieve your task and goals easily and effectively. Gita emphasizes more on performing your duty instead of your goal. Focusing only on rewards makes you start worrying about potential failure. Negative results only cause depression. Hence, it will be wise to focus on the target. On attaining a goal, you are sure to derive more perks and rewards.
  • Desires come & go: Being human, you are likely to develop strong desires from time to time. However, you should not allow it to take full control of your mind or life. At the same time, you should also not suppress it. Lessons imparted by bhagavad gita encourage you to watch the show & enjoy it. However, carrying out evil actions just to fulfill a desire will only bring in harmful results. Try to avoid chains of desire as it only leads to stress, harm & rebirth.
  • Recognize, identify & accept all equalities in life: It is not easy to follow this quote. Life is sure to provide you with appropriate guidance to achieve valuable knowledge. Challenges faced in life will make you to view all living as well as non-living beings to be equal. The feeling of happiness and suffering will also mean the same. The ultimate truth is bodies are different, however, the soul is just one.
  • The fear factor is rather a disability: If your mind is filled with fear, then you are not likely to derive any achievement. In other words, fear stands for doubts pertaining to discharging your own abilities. Fear will lead you to panic, thus losing out on your set goal. This, in turn, will only make you feel worthless. But those who are fearless in heart & mind, sky are just the limit for them to achieve big things. Two obstacles that may hinder your achieving the set goal are self-respect & fear of the future.
  • Thinking only about money will not help you to focus or meditate: ‘Meditation’ is a term that is used in plenty all over the gita. Meditation is rather a wonderful non-physical activity that helps you to achieve ‘Sadhana’ & ‘Inner Peace’. According to the quote, the human if hell-bent only on making more money will have trouble in meditating. He/she will also not be able to indulge in ‘Inner Self’. The person is likely to experience an unstable mind and cannot meditate effectively.
  • Greed, anger & lust leads to self-destruction: Whole mankind is presently affected by these three issues. Greed makes your restless and also causing jealousy and high blood pressure. Anger will make others to assume that you have a dominating nature, thus losing relationship/friendship. Thinking about sex only makes the person a nymphomaniac or sex maniac.
  • Change is permanent and is Universal law. Within seconds, you can become a pauper or a billionaire. Human life never enjoys permanence. The whole world including Mother Nature changes from time to time. ‘Pride’ according to all religious rather signs of immaturity. Change is part & parcel of life. Once you accept this fact, you will be able to overcome all tough situations calmly.

The gita will help you to overcome all your problems faced in today’s materialistic world. It will also remove your negative feelings and move towards the path of success & happiness.