12 astrological signs Their Meanings Importance and impacts

What are the astrological signs? How many signs are and their meanings? Keep reading this post till the end you will find all answers and will find your astrological sign according to your date of birth.

There are 12 astrological signs and each sign has its own meaning and importance.  Before we talk about astrology and its benefits in our life? It is important to know about ecliptic the mother of astrology.

Ecliptic is the apparent path of the sun around the earth. The truth is that the earth moves around the sun but because we are sitting on the surface point of the earth but it feels that the sun travels around the earth. Sun is not alone who looks like moving around this area but all other planets follow the sun around this area of the sky and this called the ecliptic.

All planets follow the ecliptic line very closely made by the sun. Ecliptic is important for zodiac also because zodiac is an imaginary band that follows the elliptic around the earth and it overlaps with the 13 of the constellations.

The zodiac is divided into 12 parts and equal 30-degree segments. These 12 parts of the zodiac are called astrological signs. Though these 12 zodiacs are named after the constellations that they are near to but zodiac signs and constellations are not anyway the same thing.

Here are 12 astrological signs and zodiac dates given below

Please find your Zodiac according to your Date of Birth and Month.

Birth – Date and MonthZodiac name
Mar 21 – Apr 19Aries
Apr 20 – May 20Taurus
May 21 – Jun 20Gemini
Jun 21 – Jul 22Cancer
July 23 – Aug 22Leo
Aug 23 – Sep 22Virgo
Sep 23 – Oct 22Libra
Oct 23 – Nov 21Scorpio
Nov 22 – Dec 21Sagittarius
Dec 22 – Jan 19Capricorn
Jan 20 – Feb 18Aquarius
Feb 19 – Mar 20Pisces













1 Aries

The first sign of the zodiac is Aries. It’s a fire sign. Aries people have the qualities of being impulsive of being leaders, these people are very much enthusiastic and energetic. Entrepreneurship is not in their nature by born. They don’t want to just sit calm. They want to just go and do things. Their nature is always optimistic towards success and maybe a little bit insecure if success not achieved.

These kinds of people are a little bit impatient. They are go-getters with a need for adventure and independence. They are very much self-oriented people. They are restless and quick result-oriented people. They always give honest suggestions to others. They are more risk-takers and do things without analyzing them. They have less patience instead of others.

2 Taurus

The second zodiac sign is Taurus which is a symbol of the bull. Taurus people are loyal, patient, hard worker and persistent by nature. They are generous and romantic nature. These people are adamant about their decision if they have decided one. Taurus people are good in friendship and they surly protected those whom they love.

Every sing have their pros and cons. It has also some cons. Taurus people are somewhat materialistic and lazy in nature. They are less flexible instead of other zodiacs. They avoid trying new things and don’t want to change their traditional ways. They are a little bit shy nature and never mingled up quickly with others.

3 Gemini

Gemini is a dual sign. Gemini is an air sign and the qualities of these people are endlessly curious. These types of people are intelligent and clever in nature. They have a funny and charming nature but somewhat flirty type. Although they are superficial, but always flexible in nature. Gemini people are social strong; they have strong intellectual power and great enthusiasm for people.

They are somewhat emotionless people. These people have dual face nature and they like stimulation in their life. They are progressive people and they think the new ways of success. They like traveling, freedom, meeting new people, keen to gain new experience. They don’t satisfy easily. They have good communication and marketing skills. They avoid to attach emotionally with others.

4 Cancer

Cancer zodiac people are very sensitive in nature. Though cancer is a kindest zodiac sing but a little bit hard to understand. They are family-oriented people and extremely protective of their family and friends. They may be little dependable and clingy nature but very much loyal and caring people.

They are very much sensitive, imaginary, institutive and emotional people. They always feel the need for security in their life. They get hurt very quickly by others. It is very hard to understand their nature, but they have a loyal friendship nature.

5 Leo

Leo is the symbol of the lion, they are very much bold, encouraging and ambitious people. They have a clear vision in their life and they have much clarity on their desires. They have much confidence in comparison to other people but sometimes overconfidence are harmful for them. These are talented and loyal people and trustable to make them friends.

They have social nature but they want an audience who can admire them. These people treat like a king. They carry leadership qualities by born. They are much order givers rather than order takers. Because of leadership quality, they have much ego factor in their nature. You have forgiveness in nature. They are less bargainer if a Leo person like any item he/she definitely purchase that item at any cost.

6 Virgo

The Virgo people are analytical, hardworking and observing people. They are very organized and health-conscious people. They reserved, inflexible and fussy type people but they love to serve others. They are very much reliable and precise in their work and anyone can trust and look to for advice.

They are cold by nature and once warm-up they are great friends. They are less emotional and more practical people. They have strong will power and they do everything perfectly. They like to complete the task under deadlines and never like to postpone the things. They are good analytical people. They like one to one discussions instead of group discussions.

7 Libra

The zodiac sign of Libra is scales or balance. Libra people have leadership qualities because of their balanced nature. They provide leadership opportunities to their subordinates as well without any fear. They make good relationships with others and people comfortable with them. They like balance and harmony in everything and they have strong memory powers. They are a symbol of beauty, grace, and refinement. They are strong in the romance field and they get their love partner easily because of their charming nature.

The people who have Libra zodiac, they achieve their life mission at a fast speed due to air element in their zodiac. Every zodiac has positive and negative points. The negative point of Libra is, If Libra zodiac person conceived negativity in his/her life then it’s very hard to bring them out from negativity. They are little superficial, vain and unreliable. 

8 Scorpio

The people who have Scorpio zodiac, are very independent, ambitious, passionate and resourceful people. They are much emotional than other zodiac. They have a trustworthy and loyal nature, don’t afraid to tell them a secret. There are two types of scorpions, type one people are with high moral and second type people are with low morale.

On the contrary side, they are little bit possessiveness and jealousy nature people. They do everything extreme, either it’s positive or negative. They are emotional people. They have good intuition power. They believe in new researches and finding new ways. They well manage their expenses. Whatever they do in their life, they do it wholeheartedly.

9 Sagittarius

Sagittarius is one of the adventurous Zodiac sings. This archer symbol is a sign of pulling the bow back and it means that they are looking far into the future. These people have an optimistic and energetic personality. They are independent and always ready to learn new things in their life. They are less emotional instead of other zodiacs. They are a little bit careless but they enjoy making friends without any selflessness.

Zodiac people love to travel to foreign countries and they are very much philosophical. They are very much optimistic. They are something progressive people and like new ideas and follow them. They continue to learn new things in their life. They are good explanatory people and explain everything in a good way. The negative point is that they leave the task in the middle and runs behind the new things or finish the task at the last moment.

10 Capricorn

Capricorn is a symbol of a goat. Capricorn zodiac people are a very much responsible, independent and helpful nature. Because of their hard nature, they organize the things in a better way. This hardworking nature makes them less imaginary, more independent and more helpful for others.

They have a unique sense of humor comparative to others. These people are more successful in business and have a caring nature.

11 Aquarius

The symptom of Aquarius is the water bearer. They love change in their life and always progressive kind of nature. Aquarius is always witty nature and they pass jocks always when they speak. They may be rebellious because they always try to be different from others. They have strong intellectual power and very strong with humanitarians.

They are very helpful and friendly nature. They love to be around groups of people, they are very much helpful in nature.

12 Pisces

Pisces is a sign of swimming fishes. They don’t waste money, they are little miser people. They may be oversensitive, intuitive, imaginative and adaptable people. They love adventures. As Pisces sing is a mysterious sign, but they are good for friendship and dedication

Wise people work according to their astrological sign for better results. People who believe in astrology they never ignore impacts of this on their life.

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