Anulom Vilom Pranayama Benefits and Steps

The Anulom-Vilom Pranayama technique is easy to learn and beneficial for new practitioners. It is accurate to describe this as a beginner’s pranayama because it can be practiced at any age and at any time.

Anulom Vilom

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All of the respiratory organs are strengthened by this advanced Pranayama technique, which also produces enough oxygen for our bodies.

This Pranayama requires no complicated instructions to be followed. However, this Pranayama has profoundly favorable impacts on our bodies and is extremely beneficial for developing a deep, regular breathing pattern.

Anulom Vilom Steps

There are three stages of Anulom Vilom Pranayam. A beginner should start by stage 1.

Anulom Vilom Stage -1

  • Sit in padmasana or another meditation pose to start Anulom Vilom Pranayama. Please take the Gyan Mudra position with your hands on your knees and your neck and spine completely straight.
  • The eyes should be slightly closed. Take a long, deep breath. Do this for five breaths, then take a little break from breathing.
  • Place your thumb now softly over the right nostril. Start inhaling deeply through your left nostril.
  • The breath is slowly expelled through the right nostril as the left nostril is gently pressed with the ring finger.
  • After that, softly inhale through your right nostril and slowly exhale through your left. This represents the fifth round.
  • Place the right hand in the Gyan Mudra position on the right knee while relaxing.

Anulom Vilom Benefits Explained by Michael Bijker

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Anulom Vilom Pranayam Stage – 2

  • Now slowly inhale through your left nostril and exhale through your right, just as you did earlier.
  • In other words, if you breathe in through your left nostril for five counts, you should breathe out through your right nose for five counts.
  • Exhale for five counts on the left and inhale for five counts on the right. This completes one turn. There will be 10 rounds in the second stage.
  • As stated above, after every fifth round, take a break. Increase the rounds in this manner by one week.

Stage – 3

  • As stated above, take a seat in any asana and begin to take deep, steady breaths through your left nostril.
  • Hold your breath for as long as you can. Gently and slowly exhale through the right nostril.
  • The proportion of retention during inhalation to exhalation should be 1:1:1. In other words, take a five-count breath in through your left nostril, hold it for five counts, and then exhale through your right nostril.
  • Repeat the procedure on the opposite side as well. Practice Mool Bandh after inhaling and exhaling.

Anulom Vilom Pranayam Benefits

  • It is beneficial to keep the mind alert and prevent mental fatigue.
  • Sleeping disorders are improved.
  • It helps with migraine pain.
  • This pranayama technique is effective at reducing tension.
  • It helps to regulate blood pressure.
  • It is good for the eyes.
  • Anger is reduced with Anulom-Vilom.
  • This Pranayam keeps our body’s energy levels stable.

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