Amazing Animal Fights- Mountain Lion vs Guanaco

Are you ready to witness some of the most incredible moments in the wild where prey animals fought back? In this video, we will take you through some of the most intense and fascinating scenes of prey animals fighting off predators to protect themselves.

Hippo vs. Lioness

In one of the scenes, a lioness tries to attack a hippo.


However, it turns out to be a huge mistake as the hippo grabs the lioness with its massive jaws and sends it running for its life.

Honey Badger vs. Oryx

A honey badger attacks an oryx for no apparent reason, but the oryx is no pushover. It counter-attacks the badger with its long sharp horns and sends it flying in the air.

Cheetah vs. Gazelle

A cheetah, the world’s fastest land animal, goes after an impala in the hopes of snagging a meal. The gazelle, however, has a few cunning tactics up its sleeve.

Cheetah vs Gazelle

It uses its razor-sharp horns to gore the cheetah rather than yield. The attack damages the cheetah, and the gazelle eventually escapes and re-enters the wild.

Racer Snakes vs. Marine Iguana

A marine iguana is in the sights of racer snakes. In an interesting incident taken on camera, the captive iguana escapes from the snake’s coils after being caught.

Golden Eagle vs. Rabbit

A rabbit is the target of a golden eagle, the second-fastest bird in the world. The rabbit, however, is a difficult species to capture. It precisely timing its manoeuvre to elude the eagle’s clutches with an amazing aerial leap.

Lioness vs. Oryx

When a lioness attacks an oryx, the oryx is not willing to go down without a fight. It counter-attacks the lioness with its massive sharp horns and manages to get away unharmed.

Leopard vs. Porcupine

A hungry leopard tries to make a meal out of the wrong animal, a porcupine. The porcupine attacks the leopard with its sharp quills, which penetrate the leopard’s skin. Ultimately, the leopard gives up the attack in search of an easier meal.

Warthog vs. Hyena

ER not willing to share its food, a warthog charges a hyena with its massive horn, sending it flying high up in the air.

Crocodile vs. Lion

A lion is about to eat a dead hippo, unaware of the crocodile lurking underwater. The crocodile is not willing to give up its meal and chases off the lion with sheer force and ferocity.

Honey Badger vs. Hyenas

The second-fastest bird in the world, a golden eagle, is after a rabbit. Nonetheless, it can be challenging to catch a rabbit.

Honey Badger vs Oryx

It perfectly timed its manoeuvre to make an astonishing airborne leap to escape the eagle’s grasp.

Red-Tailed Hawk vs. Squirrel

A red-tailed hawk targets an unwary squirrel enjoying playtime under a tree. The hawk grabs the squirrel with its sharp talons and tries to take it out. But the squirrel is surprisingly fierce. It puts up a ferocious fight and ultimately manages to escape.

Mountain Lion vs. Guanaco

A mountain lion silently stalks one of South America’s largest herbivores, guanaco.

The puma is an agile and skilled hunter, but the guanaco is large and powerful. With a combination of powerful kicks and jumps, it manages to shake off the big cat and make a hasty retreat.

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