17 Difference Between Body Exercise and Yoga

17 Difference Between Body Exercise and Yoga


Friends, as you all know that yoga is becoming popular day by day. Although yoga originated in South Asia, in which India is considered, nowadays the world of yoga is making a splash. Have you ever wondered why people of the world are adopting yoga? There is a simple answer to this that yoga is also easy to do and its benefits are numerous. Yoga makes a person strong both internally and externally.

Difference between Yoga and Body Exercise
Difference between Yoga and Body Exercise

Externally, the body can be made strong in many ways, such as exercising, joining the gym and there are many other types of exercises that can make the body strong. But the body can be made flexible, strong, and internally strong only through yoga because in yoga, along with doing physical exercises, attention is also paid to breathing exercises, like Breathing Exercise, Kapalbhati, and Anulom Antonym, etc. Today in this article we will tell 17 such differences between body exercise and yoga, which you will be surprised to know.

Friends, there is a great difference between Yoga and Exercise in general. Here are 17 Difference Between Physical Exercise and Yoga

17 Difference Between Physical Exercise and Yoga

Body ExerciseYoga
1. -The body becomes stiff due to unnatural pressureThe body becomes elastic
2. – Glands are not evenly influencedThe glands secrete their juices in a regulated manner
3. – The waste matter is not dispelled by the arteries completelyThe entire waste matter is exerted by arteries
4. – Breathing activity becomes erraticOwing to the control over breathing activity, we reap many benefits of inhalation and exhalation at the physical and mental levels. Moreover, our lungs become strong
5. – Outward muscles are exercisedInternal organs are as much influenced as the external
6. – Very often, our digestive system becomes weak because the supply of blood does not reach those parts of the body due to the brisk activity in other parts.The regular blood circulation in our entire body systematizes the digestive system in toto
7. – It is only the physical body that is influencedthe astral body is influenced along with the physical. More importantly one gains control over the mind
8. – There is a possibility of an awkward development of the bodyThe all-around body development in a regulated manner enhances our beauty and health. The body becomes sound and comely and the face lustrous
9. – One does not develop any kind of seminal controlThe Practice of Asanas results in the preservation of semen and its upward movement
10. – the physical exercises can never ensure a complete cure of diseasesAilments dare not come near and longevity is a natural consequence
11. – Intellectual development that sublimates human life can never be possibleYogasans are instrumental in the development of such invaluable virtues as tolerance, steadfastness, self-restraint, and self-confidence
12. – Lack of concentration and proper judgment in physical lifeConcentration and introversion reform practical life. Positive thoughts replace the negative ones
13. – Physical exercise causes fatigueAsanas relieve fatigue and make the body light and active
14. – Bothe time and our vital energy are wasted awayLeser energy is spent in lesser time, As a result not only more benefits are reaped but vital energy is also well preserved
15. – Weak and old people are incapable of doing every kind of exerciseThe weak and the old also can perform Asanas with permission and in consultation with a specialist. Every person belonging to any age group from the age of 5 to old age can practice Yoga asana.
16. – Open space and many things and gadgets are necessaryOnly a little space as much as the length of a practitioner is needed. There is hardly any need for any other kind of paraphernalia.
17. – Sports and exercises cannot be possible in the journeyYoga Asana can be performed even while traveling


Friends, hope now you have a clear understanding of the difference between body exercise and Yoga. Few of you, who don’t know more about Yoga, think that there is not much difference between Yoga and Body Exercise.

These are some starting points that tell the difference between exercise and yoga, but the real picture is yet to come when you will know deeply about yoga, what is yoga, what is breathing exercise, what is Kapalbhati, what is Anulom Vilim, and its what are the advantages.