15 Ayurveda Remedies by Ayurveda Experts


Ayurveda is the oldest medical system in the world. The name Ayurveda itself means “knowledge of life”. It understands ways to keep diseases away through simple changes in diet and lifestyle and its medicines do not have any side effects. Ayurvedic medicines are useful for patients as well as healthy people.

These all Remedies are Suggested by Indian Ayurveda Expert Acharya Balkrishnan (Patanjali)

How to cure mouth ulcers

Extract the juice of betel leaves. Mixing desi ghee in this juice, apply it on the cheeks, and drop the saliva by lowering the mouth. Mouth ulcers are cured very quickly by this use

How to Cure Mouth Ulcer

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How to Make Henna Mehandi Conditioner

Mixing four spoons of curd and two spoons of amla powder in henna and applying it to the hair for 2-3 hours makes the hair thick, soft, black, and long. This is a very good conditioner for hair

Henna Mehandi Conditioner

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Almond is the Source of Energy

Almonds contain nutrients like magnesium, copper, and riboflavin, which increase the body’s energy. Minerals and vitamins present in almonds keep the mind fresh as well as keep the body functioning properly.

Almond Source of Energy

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Why Should Gout Patients Eat Apples?

Consumption of apples is very beneficial in arthritis. Consumption of apples reduces the amount of uric acid in the body. Therefore, patients with arthritis must consume apples.

Apple for Gout

Cinnamon to Relieve Joint Pain

Boil half a teaspoon of cinnamon powder in a little water and filter it and let it cool down a bit. When it remains lukewarm, add a spoonful of honey and drink it. Doing this experiment in the morning and evening provides relief in joint pain.


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Ayurveda Treatment for Ringworm

Add a teaspoon of lemon juice to some basil leaves and grind them. The problem of ringworm gets cured by applying this paste on herpes daily.


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Ayurvedic Treatment for Dark Elbow Spots

To remove the black spots lying on the elbows and other parts of the body, mix a teaspoon of lemon juice in a teaspoon of coconut oil and rub it on the affected area and wash it with lukewarm water after half an hour, it will remove the black spots of the elbow. I will get benefits.


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Benefits of Eating Dates

Consuming two dates every night and drinking warm milk provides relief in calcium deficiency diseases like weakness of teeth, weakness of bones, etc.


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Make Sure Children Consume Jaggery (Gur)

Feeding jaggery (Gur) to growing children is beneficial for them. It is a good source of vitamins A, B, and calcium. Therefore, it makes the bones of the children strong. Jaggery is also rich in other nutrients. Therefore, one piece of jaggery must be fed to the children every day.

Jaggery Benefits

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Eat Cardamom to Get Rid of Hiccups

In case of persistent hiccups, suck small cardamom in the mouth and chew it after a while. After a while, the hiccups will stop.


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Use Alum to Heal Wounds

If there is a feeling due to injury or scratch and blood is coming out from it, then washing the wound with alum water and applying alum powder stops bleeding. Therefore, alum should be used in small wounds.


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Consumption of Banana Removes Leanness

Eat two ripe bananas daily and drink warm milk from above. By doing this experiment continuously for a month, thinness is removed and the body becomes strong.


Benefits of Eating Raw Papaya

Vitamins, enzymes, and nutrients in raw papaya cure liver diseases. Jaundice patients get special benefits from its consumption. Therefore, eat raw papaya as a vegetable or salad.

Raw Papaya Benefits

Calcium Deficiency is Removed by Eating Makhana.

Calcium is found in abundance in Makhana. Therefore, makhanas are like medicine for our bones. Muscle stiffness is also removed by the consumption of makhana. Consumption of makhana is very beneficial in joint pain.

Makhana Benefits

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Note: – Friends, although all these remedies have been suggested by an Ayurveda expert, before adopting any treatment, do a thorough check and test once because each person knows which item suits him or her and which does not. Take any treatment at your own risk, there is no responsibility of the author and website owner.