13 Best Yoga Mudra with Pictures | Best Way to Cure Health


Friends, Mudras have great importance in our life. In ancient times, sages were used to treat complex and complex diseases through these mudras. Mudra and Yoga complement each other.

Mudras are incomplete without yoga and yoga is incomplete without mudras. Mudras are called yoga mudras most of the time. The treatment of every disease of the body is hidden in the yoga postures.

Immunity is increased by yoga mudra itself. Heart disease, diabetes, eye diseases, lung diseases, respiratory diseases can be cured only with yoga posture.

Today in this article we will tell about different types of mudras, which you can take advantage of health by adopting in your life. In this article, detailed information will be given about yoga mudra, how yoga mudra can be done, the benefits of yoga mudra, and photos of yoga mudra.

Friends, yoga guru Swami Ramdev says that “we can give many hours to social media and mobile, so if we give half an hour daily to yoga, then our life will be enriched“.

Manipura Mudra

Manipur Chakra is located in the center of our body, and it controls the elements of Earth, Water, Fire, and Air.

How to do Manipura Mudra.

Open both hands.

Place the tips of your thumbs on the root of your ring finger.

Keep all other fingers straight.

Then keep both hands close to your chest.

Inhale and release slowly.

Manipura Mudra
Manipura Mudra

Benefits of Manupura Mudra

Stomach-related diseases are treated.

Increases self-control due to this mudra

The cheerful nature of the person becomes due to this mudra.

This mudra gets rid of mental problems.

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Mudra for Headache Relief

Friends, today we are going to tell you about the two mudras, if you do these two mudras daily for 20 to 30 minutes then your weight will definitely reduce. Both these hand gestures are as follows.

Surya Mudra -> How to perform Surya Mudra

First of all, sit in Sukhasan.

Keep both hands on the knees.

Bend the ring finger and touch it with the root of the thumb.

Now press the ring finger with the thumb.

Keep all other fingers straight.

Surya Mudra
Surya Mudra

Benefits of Surya Mudra ->

It Reduces body weight.

It lowers the amount of cholesterol.

Mental stress goes away by doing this Mudra.

Obesity after delivery can be removed.

Vaayan Mudra -> How to do Vaayan

First of all, sit in Sukhasan.

Bend the ring finger and the little finger.

Keep the index finger and middle finger straight.

Touch the ring finger and the little finger with the thumb.

Vaayan Mudra
Vaayan Mudra

Benefits of Vaayan Mudra ->

It removes obesity.

The air produced in the body is quenched.

Digestion is strengthened.

This improves metabolism.

Yoga Mudra for Sexual Disorders

Dev Mudra -> How to perform Dev Mudra.

First of all, sit in Sukhasan.

Join all the fingers and thumbs of your hands.

The thumb is to be kept in the middle of the palm near the ring finger and middle finger.

Keep in mind that your thumb should not touch the ring finger and middle finger.

In the beginning, do this mudra for 30 seconds and gradually increase it to 60 seconds.

You can do this mudra 4 to 6 times in the morning and evening.

Both men and women can do this mudra.

Dev Mudra
Dev Mudra

Benefits of Dev Mudra

Semen diseases of men are cured.

There is a benefit in nightfall.

In men, the lack of semen is cured

It rectifies burning in urine.

The disease of leucorrhoea is cured in women.

It is beneficial in sex disorders in both men and women.

Mudra for Constipation – Shankh Mudra

How to perform shankh mudra.

First of all, sit in Padmasana.

Clasp all the fingers of both the hands in each other and press the palms.

Join both the thumbs together.

In this way, Sahaj sankh mudra is formed.

Do this mudra daily for 15 minutes in the morning and evening.

Gradually increase its time limit.

Doing Surya Mudra also helps in constipation.

Sahaj Sankh Mudra
Sahaj Sankh Mudra

Benefits of  shankh Mudra

Constipation is relieved by the practice of Sahaj Sankh Mudra.

Women’s menstruation comes on time.

It is beneficial in stomach diseases.

Mudra for Digestion – Tadagi Mudra

How to Perform Tadagi Mudra

First of all, sit down by laying your mat on the ground.

Open both legs

Extend both the legs in different directions.

Lean forward and hold both the toes of both feet.

Take a deep breath and pull the stomach inwards.

Try to hold your breath according to your ability.

Now let your body loose while exhaling.

Now inhale and exhale again and again.

Repeat this process at least 5 or 6 times.

Tadagi Mudra
Tadagi Mudra

Benefits of Tadagi Mudra.

This mudra helps in curing all the diseases of the stomach.

This mudra corrects the digestive system.

The energy power in the body increases.

Mudra for Sleep – Pushpanjali Mudra

How to do Pushpanjali Mudra.

First of all, sit in Padmasana.

Tie the hands together by joining all the fingers and thumbs of both hands.

Join the small fingers of both the hands together to make such a shape as if we are offering flowers to God.

In this way, the Pushpanjali Mudra is formed.

pushpanjali mudra
pushpanjali mudra

Benefits of Pushpanjali Mudra

This mudra brings good sleep.

The problem of insomnia goes away.

Self-confidence increases.

Yoga for Weakness – Shakti Mudra

How to do Shakti Mudra.

First of all, sit in Padmasana.

Tightly clench both the fists of both your hands.

Another way of shakti mudra

Press the thumb with the index and middle fingers of both hands.

And join the remaining fingers with the tips of the fingers with your hand.

This mudra is also called Shiva Shakti Mudra.

Do this mudra for at least two to three minutes.

shakti mudra
shakti mudra

Benefits of Shakti Mudra.

It removes physical weakness.

The vibration of the body goes away.

The glow of the face increases.

This mudra removes all kinds of weaknesses of the body.

Mudra for Concentration – Naravarhari Mudra

How to do Natavarhari Mudra

First of all, stand up straight.

Hold your right foot on top of your left foot slightly above the ground.

Keep the sole of the foot straight.

Then place the sole of the right foot on the left shin.

Then make the posture of both hands as if you are playing the flute.

This is called Natvarhari  Mudra.

You can do this mudra for as long as you can.

Natvarhari Mudra
Natvarhari Mudra

Benefits of Natavahari Mudra.

With this mudra, the attention is focused on the agya chakra.

This increases mental concentration.

The best posture for meditation.

It impacts Kundalini’s power.

Students take interest in their studies.

It increases the concentration for studies.

Mudra for Immunity -Vrikshasana

How to Perform Vrikshasana

First of all, stand in Tadasana.

Join both the legs together

Stretch both the hands upwards.

Grab the right leg with both hands and pull it upwards and place the sole of the right foot on the left thigh.

Keep the direction of the toes of the right foot towards the bottom.

Join both the palms and all the fingers in prayer posture.

Slowly move both the connected hands above the head and stretch upwards.

Stand in this posture for some time and maintain the balance of the body.

Now come back to the original position.

Do this mudra in equal quantity from both the legs.


Benefits of  Vrikshasana.

This mudra increases immunity.

This increases the concentration power.

Meditation can be done in this mudra.

This mudra increases the decision power.

Mudra for Peace of Mind – Udana Mudra

How to do Udana Mudra.

First of all sit in Padmasana.

Join all the other fingers with the tips of the thumb except the index finger of both your hands.

In this way, you can make udana mudra.

You can do this mudra sitting anywhere for 5 minutes.

udana mudra
udana mudra

Benefits of Udana Mudra

With this mudra, the udana air in the hands and feet remains in balance.

The visudhi chakra activates due to this mudra.

The thoughts of the mind are pure.

This mudra brings sweetness to the voice.

Prana Mudra – Prana Vaayu Hast  Mudra

How to do Prana Mudra.

First of all, sit in Lotus Pose.

Place the tip of your little finger and ring finger with the tip of your thumb.

Keep the remaining two fingers straight.

Now sit in this posture with both hands on both your knees.

In this way, Prana Vayu Mudra is formed.

Prana Mudra
Prana Mudra

Benefits of Prana Vayu Mudra.

This mudra gives strength and energy to our life force.

This mudra keeps the person mentally healthy.

This mudra is beneficial in diseases of the eyes and lungs.

Vitamin deficiency is removed by this mudra.

This mudra is also beneficial in heart disease.

The eyesight also increases with this mudra.

Dhyana Mudra -Meditation

How to do Meditation – Dhyana Mudra

To do this mudra, first sit in Padmasana.

Keep both hands on the knees from the opposite side.

Join the first tip of the thumb of both the hands with the first tip of both the index fingers.

Straighten all the other three fingers by joining the index finger and thumb.

This mudra is also called Gyan mudra.

This mudra is perfect for meditation.

Inhale slowly in this mudra and slowly exhale.

In this mudra, all your attention should be focused on the breath.

dhyana mudra
dhyana mudra

Benefits of  meditation posture –dhyan mudra

Dhyan mudra is the cure for every disease.

With the help of Dhyan mudra, you’re thinking becomes positive.

By doing meditation posture, morale never drops.

Dhyana mudra removes sadness.

The ability to think,  increases with meditation.

By doing this mudra, the memory can increase.

This mudra gives peace to the mind.

Apana Mudra or Apana Vaayu Mudra

How to do apana mudra

First of all, sit in Sukhasana to do this mudra.

Bend the ring and middle fingers of your hands and apply them on the tip of the thumb.

After this, the index finger is to be bent and applied to the root of the thumb.

After this, keep the smallest finger absolutely straight.

Keep both the hands in this position on both your knees.

In this way, you can sit in Apana mudra.

This mudra should be done daily for 20 to 30 minutes.

Apan Mudra
Apan Mudra

Benefits of apana mudra.

This mudra is beneficial for heart diseases.

This mudra corrects the blood pressure.

It gives relief to stomach gas.

This mudra also provides relief in constipation.


Friends, I hope that you have liked the information given above. I also want to give you some premium tips.
Always doing yoga mudra in the morning is more beneficial.
If the mudra is done on an empty stomach then it is even more beneficial.
It is very important to keep the mind calm while doing the yoga mudra.
While doing the mudra, the attention should not wander here and there.
While doing mudra, there should be more focus on the breath.