10 yoga for obesity and weight loss

Obesity is a big problem. Today we are going to tell you ten such exercises that can reduce your weight by 10 pounds to 15 pounds in 10 days. These yoga for obesity and weight loss are very beneficial for everyone.

Before we start these obesity and weight loss Yoga asanas, let us discuss a few statics of obesity to understand the severity of this problem.

WHO published a report of America that obesity is increased 3 times in Age group of 5-19, since 1975.

obesity statics

If we talk about the age group wise obesity data, 40 to 59 Age group people are leading the chart with 42.8%, and age groups 60 and above are in the second position with 41%. The Age group 20 to 39 people are in the second position with 35.7% in America

In 2017-2018 obesity in united state is 42.4%

Data says that around 4 million people are dying due to obesity in the world. 

One more data analysis says that the female percentage in obesity is much higher in comparison to males.






Percentage Males Obese





Percentage Females Obese





One more country wise obesity data analysis.

country wise obesity data

Similarly, there is a big crowd who are dying due to hunger and malnutrition. And one analysis says that maximum people are dying due to hunger rather than due to diseases.

Apart from this, there are some people who, despite having everything, do not know what to eat and what should not be eaten, and people are also dying of malnutrition.

Due to increasing obesity there is a fear of getting many diseases like cholesterol, BP, sugar, thyroid, and obese people can also get cancer.

Indian yoga guru Baba Ramdev says that obesity and weight can be controlled 100% with Yoga and there are thousands of examples that they have controlled their obesity after doing yoga suggested by Baba Ramdev.

Let us discuss about these Yoga poses

Here are 10 yoga for obesity and weight loss.

First of all, I would request that the person, who wants to reduce his /her obesity in an organic way, he/she should run slowly for at least half an hour every day and in addition to controlling his/her diet.

Yoga is a combination of slow exercise and breathing techniques, before starting any exercise or in the middle of any pose, the practitioner should take care of the breathing techniques. He/she should be much aware of when to inhale and when to exhale.

Here you can learn 15 Breathing Exercise and Their Benefits.

Deep breathing makes the benefits double in Yoga. So always start deep breathing 5 to 6 rounds before starting any yoga asana. 

If you are beginner in yoga here are recommended 15 yoga sanans for beginners

The first pose for obesity and weight loss is side stretching

In this exercise, make a distance of 2 feet between both legs. Then spread both arms equal to the shoulders. First, bend to the right and touch the right leg with the right hand, try bending to the right side you and your left hand should be over the head and pushing it from the top in right side. In this pose, do not bend forward, only do side stretching. Repeat the same from the left side again.

While doing posture here, you have to take long breaths, just cover your kapalbhati pranayama along with this pose.


Doing this will reduce your side fat. Repeat this exercise 30 times for both sides. If your body doesn’t allow 30 times in starting, then start doing it at least 10 times each side and increase the numbers slowly. People who have excess obesity; they should do this asana both times in morning and evening.

 This practice has to be done on both sides and a little sooner has to take long breaths and exhale. When we inhale, extra energy is generated that burns our access fat in the body. The longer the intake of breath, the more energy will be generated and body fat will be reduced.

Next pose is Triangle Pose.

Triangle pose is also called Trikonasana. Now spread the legs as much as the side stretching. Bring both hands to the front. Taking a deep breath and while exhaling, try to touch the right foot with the left hand. Then fill the breath and return back and again with exhaling try to touch the left leg with the right hand and return back in the original position. Start at least 6 to 7 times in starting and then increase the quantity.

This asana is useful in all kinds of obesity whether it is due to the thyroid, obesity due to dieting, obesity due to genetic reason, obesity from medicines or operation, etc., obesity due to less hard work, obesity from hormonal imbalance, by doing these 10 exercises will reduce your obesity.


The next posture is bending front pose or Padhast asana.


Bring both legs to close together, try that both the knees have also met. Like this, attach both hands together and while breathing deeply, throw both hands from the top of the head backward and also try to bend the chest and neck backward, after that, throw both hands in the front. Try to touch the ground with both hands. When leaning forward, try to keep the knees straight and try to touch them by bringing your chin up to the knees. In this way, go back again while filling your breath and then try to touch the ground and exhale and return back.

Do not practice this exercise more than 5 to 6 times in starting and then gradually increase the amount of practice. While leaning back, always have to take a breath and while bowing forward, you have to leave the breath.


The next exercise that reduces obesity is almost similar to jumping.


Combine the two legs together and spread both hands parallel to the shoulders, then bounce and make a gap of 1 or 2 feet between the two legs and take both hands parallel to the head with the hoisting. Bring both legs back closer and bring the hands down as well, thus when the hands come down in the original position, they will hit your legs.

In this way, do this exercise very quickly. Combine the two legs together, then bounce them away and at the same time move both hands parallel above your head. When you bounce your legs and through your hands above head your body will take a small jump. It is important to have a combination of hands and feet and when jumping and moving the feet away, fill it with a long breath and when the feet are brought back, leave it. In this way, try to jump higher and try to take a long breath.


The practice here is a rotating exercise

This practice is a sitting pose

Rotating pose

Sit properly on your yoga mat. Spread both legs towards the front. Combine both toes of both feet. And the section of both knees should be adjacent to the ground. Interlace all ten fingers of both hands together and stick the palms. Then make a circle with both hands bending the waist and neck forward,

, take it to the feet of the toe and bring the same circle backward, tilt the upper part of the stomach backward and complete the rotation of the hand.

While leaning forward, both your hands should be above the toes and while leaning back, the circle of two hands should come from the top of both thighs. While doing this asana, both the elbows should be straight and should not be turned from the middle. One should take a breath while leaning back and leave breath while bending forward.

Doing this exercise reduces your stomach and waist fatness.

rotating pose

The next yoga for obesity and weight loss is also a sitting pose.

toe touching

Here is the technique of this pose. Sit on a yoga mat and spread both legs as far as possible. Then spread both hands parallel to the shoulders and try to touch the left toes with the right hand and right toes with the left hand. While doing this, your right and the left hand will go backward in the air and while leaning forward from the waist, touch the toe with the opposite hand.

In this way, the paws of the opposite leg are also licked with the other hand. Have to take a breath while leaving the foot and take a deep breath back.

Next pose is butterfly

Again this is also a sitting posture. Sit on the yoga mat – bend both knees. Stick both soles of the feet and hold them with both hands and pull those inwards. Now holding the paws with both hands move the knees of both legs upwards. After doing this 15 to 20 times, place both hands on both knees and push down and then release. When the knees come slightly above the ground, again press down with both hands towards the bottom. When the knees are pressed towards the bottom, the breath will be released and then the knee comes back, inhale deeply.


Next asan is (Paad Uthan Asana )lifting alternate legs in the air

ek-pad uthanasan

Lie on your Yoga mat straight. Keep both hands on the ground directly near the waist. Now raise each leg to 90 degrees. The practice here is to repeat with both legs alternately. Both feet have to bounce up to 90 degrees in the air at least 20-20 times. This asana is called Ek Paad Uthan Asana.

Then the two legs have to be stick together and repeat the same process with both legs by throwing the both legs in the air and then bring back them on the ground. In this way, this action also has to be done at least 10 times.

 This asana is very beneficial in reducing obesity.

ek-pad uthanasan-1

The next posture is the posture circle posture

rotating leg in circle

This asana is also a posture performed by lying down. Lie straight; keep both hands on the ground parallel to the waist. Raise your right leg to 90 degrees and rotate it in a circle. First, rotate it to the right at least 10 times and make a circle and then the next 10 times to the left. Similarly, lift the left leg and rotate it like this. After moving repeatedly from both sides, lift both legs together and place them in a circle. The posture here is most effective in reducing obesity.

Do 4 to 5 rounds clockwise and anticlockwise for each side.

The next (Bal Machlan asan) or cycling pose

This asana is also done by lying down. Lie straight, bend both knees and lift both legs above the ground and bring the knee almost parallel to the stomach. Now rotate both legs just like a Bicycle pedal is rotating at the same time rotate your both hands in the air above your chest. In this way, turn this process for about 2 minutes outside and rotate for 2 minutes inward. This practice reduces obesity as well as reduces cholesterol and uric acid.

Bal machlan asan

The last yoga for obesity and weight loss is also by lying down.


Lie straight and join both legs together and stick both hands together. Now move both hands above the head and sit with the feet straight and waving the hands in the air and try to touch the feet with the hands. Lie down again and place the hands on the head again. In this way, get up again and touch the feet and lie down again. Here try to do the procedure at least 5 to 6 times and gradually increase its quantity. You will benefit greatly from this practice in obesity. So, do this practice slowly.

Final Words

Yoga is a permanent way of weight or obesity reduction. The breathing technique with yoga gives dynamic results. So don’t run behind multiple options to reduce obesity, choose only one option and that is yoga. Make a habit to perform yoga daily in the morning and devote at least one hour to yoga. Definitely you will get good results.